Friday, January 3, 2014

White Out!

So today was the first day back to school....
I thought it was rather ridiculous to have them go back for just 2 days and then have a weekend off in the first place. 
I found it even more ridiculous for them to have school today as I opened the door to get them off and noticed the roads covered in the dreaded white stuff. (I say dreaded, but really snow is so beautiful and magical- and I kind of love it :)

Anyways- they went. Sure enough, just an hour after being there the school hotline calls saying they are sending the kids home early 2 hours. So really, there was no point in today- especially since it has already been called off for tomorrow. 


With the little bit of time they were at school today, I slept. 
OH YES! I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of a peaceful and quiet home with a long nap under my fuzzy blanket. *SIGH*

When they got home, we quickly did the homework and then were given a concert by Roxy and her recorder and Dallas with the drums. 
*I'm in for a treat when the band years come around*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my children are musically inclined and interested. I actually can't wait for the day when we can do a whole family band thing from time to time - However, I could skip past the whole 'practice' part of it all. 

The plus side- they are REALLY good at Mary Had a Little lamb now and Hot Cross Buns!!! Now just to get them to learn some good ol' classic rock ;) LOL

In all honesty, even though some of the notes made my hairs stand on end and the banging was a little resembling of Animal from the muppets- It made me so happy and proud. 

Tonight after papers, we enjoyed some hot tea and board games. 
Again, I fail miserably at Beat the Parents (they named that game spot on!!) And I'm beginning to rethink my choice of getting the Hungry Hippos game. (Again another one of those 'not so bad IF playing' kind of things LOL) 

Then afterwards, we decided on ice cream. Nevermind the fact that it's only 10 degrees outside and snow is spitting faster than it has in a long while.....we needed the sweet frozen treat!!

Tomorrow - it's ice cream, SNOW style :)
And we're renting Turbo and Despicable Me 2 to enjoy the first snow day of the year. 
Maybe, if we're lucky and the snow gets a little heavier...some snowman building will be in order.  

Stacey, I'd be crazy if I had that much to put away- but I bet your house looked amazing :) 
My healing wishes are with you Connie- mine and yours's sure to be a succes ;)
And Shannon- I would TOTALLY be crazy with that too. I'd love to help paint though, I really enjoy that type of thing :) Good luck on getting it all set before spring!! 

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Much Love and Hugs!!


Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz... Lucky kids to get snow days. It never snows here. If we drove to Tahoe we could see some soon. We hire painters, my DH hates to paint. We have our own guys. I just want it done :) I want to see both those movies. I watched Chipmunks-Chip Wreaked over last weekend. I like really cute or really gory movies.

Shuckclod said...

Hi Liz, the link won't open. I downloaded it twice :(

Debbie H said...

I'm really liking your downloads. Thanks for offering them. I too am having a problem with unzip it. Downloaded it 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Mine won't unzip and open either from today. It says not a valid file. I downloaded it 3 times with no success. Love your Minty Fresh 1 from yesterday.

SiskiyouSue said...

Our schools don't start until Monday, thank goodness. Parents are all complaining about having their kids home for two whole weeks (understand why these kids have some problems?) but I am a teacher and I am loving every second of the longest Christmas vacation I have ever had. We're having a storm today also, but I'm still in my loungers and I really do not have to go anywhere! Hurray!!! Thanks for the freebie.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for todays awesome gift. I'm glad you're kids are musically inclined too. we have no talent on my side of the family. My hubby plays guitar and used to be in a rock band, but now as we get older he's more into country and christian music, which is nicer on me and the dog's ears - we don't have to break out the headphones or go outside. My house does look like Santas toyshop, but I've been collecting for years and love it, but it's more exciting to put up then to take down for sure - and as I'm getting older, I'll do it slowly, I'll miss the homey feel of everything. I rarely buy anything anymore because - no room - LOL - just an ornament with the year. Me & hubby have one for every year we've been together - 22years in July. We don't have children, but my friends kids love to come over and push buttons and play with everything.

fl_connie said...

thanks for today's goodies (LOVE this kit!) and for the healing wishes, too! I'll keep you in my wishes, too. Enjoy the snow!!!! (I can't decide if I am jealous or not - still not used to this cold and not sure I could handle the frozen stuff except from my window, lol!)

Sherry said...

Thank You