Saturday, January 4, 2014

Way too cold!

Okay, going into the year so far (granite only 3 days have truly passed) but I'm screaming joy for success! 

ALL Laundry is done! Oh yes, I did ALL the laundry - Coats, bedding, pillows, ALL socks *WHEW*
I guess I should explain that this is so huge for me because I put off the laundry for about.....Oh 3 weeks (hides in shame)
Seriously- we were wearing the clothes that hide in the drawers that we only 'think' about wearing and were about out of those. And it piled up enough that I accomplished 10 loads today. 
Hey- don't judge - I'm sure there has been a time in  your life where you have put something off WAY too long ;) But since we do our clothes at the laundry mat - Yea I was putting off that hefty chunk of change I knew I would be throwing into the machine. (Can't wait to get a new washer and dryer *sigh*)

The big plus side to this- We managed to rid ourselves of excess clothes after the washing to donate, and also put away all the 'could be summer' clothes too :D 

It's way to cold, we didn't go outside and play in the snow like I had hoped. I couldn't see doing it when it was only 8 degrees for a good bit of the day (and what it is right now too) 
We did go out to the store, and for the laundry- and of course to the do the papers. Other than that- nope, INSIDE we stayed. 

Warm tea and movies all night, which made for some awesome laughs and good memories once again. 
Dinner was EXCELLENT! I made cornish hens with my own homemade stuffing, cornbread and green beans. It was a first for us all (the hens) and dang if it wasn't delicious!

In the words of the kids "Mom - you are the best cook ever!" 
Tonight- I couldn't disagree LOL

For dessert, the awesome "Snow Cream" with chocolate syrup. *It's where we take fresh snow and mix with milk and chocolate and vanilla*

It was the perfect end for the day. 

Tomorrow- I'm braving the masses to go grocery shopping in order to prepare and stock up for the deep freeze and winter storm coming our way. Wish us luck!

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Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz. I love to do Laundry (Crazy). Too bad you couldn't send it my way. I can only do 4 loads a day because we have a septic tank. Be careful out there in the weather. I had to water my yard today because it has not rained. Fingers crossed for the VIP :)

Lori T. said...

Thank you!

Pam K said...

You accomplish so much in one day & the dinner you made sounds yummy! ... thank you for taking the time to give us a new freebie!

Sherry said...

I agree on being super cold. Went to nearby town to watch grand-daughter play basketball and it was only 3....warmed up to 14 when we got home. And I never got a phone call for dinner...drats anyhow. Sounded yummy. And I am drinking chai right now, trying to catch up on puter stuff. thanks for the gifts. Laundry.....who actually likes to do it? Not me....despise folding and putting it away. Not sure why. XOXO

fl_connie said...

It's a long story - but my first date with the man who is now my husband was to the laundromat, lol! And he LIKES to do laundry - so I let him. :)

Brrrr - I'm freezing with our low into the mid 20's!

Thanks for the giftie, and stay warm!

Stacey said...

thank you so much for the fantastic gift! Sorry you're so gold. we're about 64 but thats average for las vegas. I remember having to go to the laundromat - in Hawaii we used too. so glad our house in the mainland has a washer and dryer. I don't blame you for waiting, especially around the craziness of the holidays.