Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shopping - Check!

 Today the goals were cleaning, grocery shopping and some ME time! I can gladly say I checked them all off the list :) Hopefully, by the way I shopped today with my monthly menu in mind....I should have to return to the store for anything but eggs/milk and fresh fruits and veggies in a week or two. THIS makes me super happy. 

Grocery shopping was CRAZY - It was strange because 
1: People were all out trying to stock up before the storm hit
2: When I walked into Kmart, all the island freezers were covered up with plastic, and half of the freezer cases were emptied.
(All the food was good and frozen still...they had just shut a compressor off to fix? And covered to keep the cold in?)

It didn't bother me really, just oddities that added to the day's events - plus the missing freezer stuff was the premade meals and such and we don't buy them so no sweat. Roxy however, was a bit perturbed at the plastic and REALLY didn't like how it smelled. She told me a handful of times ;)

But then she got me....
(Pardon the potty humor that will commence)

 While walking through the isles (toward the back mind you) Roxy starts to get the walking toots. She is not one to be embarrassed easy and also finds farts to be extremely hilarious. 

During the first 2 isles and me saying the politely (Roxy quit it!! Go to the bathroom) type of speech while laughing right along with her. (What? - I find farts humorous too sometimes LOL)
She decided to start being a stink......
Both literally and figuratively. 

It was eye watering bad.....And then some people turned down the isle toward us. 
As smoothly as they entered the isle...Roxy exited. 
And this continued for a few more rows, I would hollar out ROXY- Did you do that? And she would laugh.....and I highly doubt a soul in that place believed that tiny thing was capable of all the stink. 

*Sigh* - Leave to my girl LMAO.

*~As for my me time~*

I'm about to go enjoy that now. I found these books today at the thrift store and I was SO excited! They are huge and loaded with crafty stuff. 
So I'm going to listen to my music, snack on my caramel popcorn, drink some nice hot chamomille and dig into these books. 

Hopefully they spark some amazing creativity in me :)

~*sorry this expired*~
PLEASE NOTE: This link will expire January 5th at 11:59 PM EST. 

After that point, it will expire and await tomorrows gift and be placed in the shop. 
DON'T FORGET-  The first call since 2012 to be part of the Creative Sweeties Design team is now up! Check the previous posts for information on how you can get all my goodies for free just to scrap :)
THE VIP Winner will be in a separate post later on, as soon as I can finish verifying all the entries :) 


Sherry said...

Thank You. Looks like my cupboards after I go shopping, only I have to make a 3hr round I do my shopping every other month. Saves coins in the long I hate to shop. Time for you? :-) going thru craft books? Exactly what I love to do.....curl up and read with a hot cup of chamomile before bed. Perfect....

biche57 said...

merci beaucoup ))))
et zut j'ai loupé J8 grrrrrrrrrrr

Stacey said...

thank you so much for the fantastic gift! congrats to the winners. At least my team won today, so all good! Stay warm, glad you got the shopping done, and had so much fun - LOL

fl_connie said...

Thanks, sweetie! Stay warm - and safe!!