Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Only 22 days left!

*gifts are always toward the bottom if you want to skip past the muse*

Today was a score and a bust! We'll go with the good first :)
Today was the last day before the kids go back to school from vacation. We celebrated with pizza, Brave and tree decorating :)

In the afternoon I went browsing at the thrift store down the street and I seen a couple things that just screamed BUY ME!! And the crafty side of me drooled.....so I did. My awesome find for the day? 

 And that was my $5 score!! I feel some awesome projects coming tomorrow from me and kiddos with those goodies :) 

The Bust?
I killed dad's car - Not on purpose, promise!
 However, I was jamming out on the radio, not thinking OR aware of a slight problem. I may or may not have jammed for a half hour or more ;) Tried to turn it on, and NOPE. 
Of course he wanted to have some fun with it- and I totally felt MAJOR guilt like I just did the worst for a minute, before going OHHH BTW- It was going bad anyways LMAO. At least he got a laugh out of it :)
So tomorrow will bring me the wonders of changing his alternator and getting it back on the up and up. 

As for decorating, We managed to get the tree back into it's beautiful glory :)*It's as far as we got...but it's definitely a plus in the right direction. It's okay that we redid it though Betty, I expect it ;) And as Tanya said, I love the wonderful fun memories it makes. (I mean- what would Christmas be without some decoration fisaco? LOL I see myself in 10 years going....remember that year when we decorated the tree 10 times?)
Although I'm thinking about taking a page from your book Jeannie and going just half decorated anyways hahaha. I am sure it will end up that way anyhow. 
Let's get to the fun stuff shall we :) Today's gift is for the alpha lovers! Please note there are two options for your downloading preference/need- Sheets and individual PNGs. 

With 22 days until the holiday.....

Please note - each day's download will remain valid for 24 hours.
*With exceptions when noted*
  Today's gift will be up Until December 3rd 11:59 pm EST
 After that point, it will be revealed, placed in the shop and a new gift will be given. 

For those that missed yesterday's gift, here is what was hiding inside! It is now in the shop for just $1


Much Love and Hugs until tomorrow!


Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz. Sheets I chose. See you again tomorrow...

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Thank you :)

Crystalnva said...

Just hopped on board today and already missed 2 awesome days..I here now THANK YOU ;~} bunches Liz...

Robinsismai said...

Thanks so much Liz!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, versatile gifts! Thanks so much.


TiggerRD said...

Thank you for the alpha - love these!

It is such fun hearing about your day as it gets me revved up to write my own daily entry (not a blog, just for our annual December album).

Stacey said...

the tree looks beautiful! hope to get our friday! thanks for the awesome gifts! hope it stays lit - LOL!