Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let the fun continue!

This morning was interupted...because Momma was allowed to sleep in once again :) The girls woke before me, but fixed their own breakfast and went straight to playing with their Christmas presents. 
I could go for LOTS of mornings to go like this :)

After waking we got dressed and ready for the day, did a little tiddying around the house and then I lost them!! Not literally, but their aunt came and picked up all the kiddos for a birthday party.  Little did I know it was for some planned surprise early birthday lunch :) So this momma enjoyed LOTS of chinese food today. 

I'm pretty positive I ate more today than I did on Christmas o.O
I'm also pretty sure this is why a new years resolution is to loose weight and eat right- Too much end of the year pigging out happens LOL. 

Anyways, after the lunch and birthday party- We went out to start a true vacation full of fun!!
The girls go back to school on the 2nd and we have planned a fun day for everyday up until then. 

The girls were gifted and tipped generously from their paper customers this holiday. When I divided up their first tips and gave it to them to spend....they all bought gifts for everyone for Christmas. The second time I did, they bought more I knew where this was going. I didn't want them to just give away their earrings (while I absolutely adore their hearts and kindness) - I wanted them to be able to enjoy it, as it was a gift to them. 

After much talk, we all decided it would be fun to pick something for everyone to go do and enjoy together. They got all the toys they asked Santa for, so something FUN to take a break and really embrace "VACATION"

So today we started and all went to the movies and watched "Frozen". 

WE LOVED IT!! *sigh* it was so beautiful

Today's my birthday (The 29th) So we're going out to eat for breakfast after the papers, then the movies, then baking and going to see the light show one last time for the year. 
I can't wait!!


Pam K said...

Have a happy birthday! Sounds like you have a fun day planned - may it be all that you hope for!

snickels said...

Happy birthday, Liz. It sounds like it will be a wonderful day.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Liz!! Hope it was everything you wanted and more! so glad you're enjoying the Christmas break from school, and now everyone is healthy! Thanks for the awesome gifts as well!!

KandiceD said...

Happy Birthday Liz!! Sounded like you had a fantastic day. All the best in the new year!

Shuckclod said...

I missed this post. I hope you had a very happy birthday. Wishing you nothing but the best this coming year.