Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Success!

I took an extra day than I had originally planned for "break".
 Reason being, we didn't finish the family celebrations until tonight :)
Overall, I would have to say that this turned out to be one of the best Christmas's I have had in such a VERY long time. I got everything I could have ever wished for - fight free, drama free time, good laughs, great talks, tons of family love and togetherness, family happiness and smiles and VERY happy children that just made the world brighter....................Not to mention it ended up being a white one ;)

I'm going to do my holiday recap here, for those that read my personal part of the blog. The 12 days of Christmas post I will do seperate with a new collection tomorrow at 8 AM EST. We'll cover the gifts of the first 3 days then ;)

Christmas eve went awesome. Took the girls out to see their dad's moms' side of the family for their lunch. I sat with the kids and helped decorate mugs with them, and had an all around blast for the afternoon. 

Then we went and did the papers, and the girls and I handed out some gifts for some of their special customers. Then it was time for me and dad to get our shop on!!! So we went into to Kmart and started around 7 pm. Now last year we went at 5 and was there til midnight- this year.....we were done by 10:30 :D 

Home, got the wrapping finished- put the final touches on dad's tree and got the gifts all under it- Then home home by 11:30 :D YES- FINALLY a night where I am able to play Santa AND get sleep! LOL. 
Except, while loading the tree and stockings- Dallas woke up. I love that he totally bought that "santa" had already visited and just left the boxes for mom to do the work cuz he was busy :)

Christmas morning....I got to sleep in!! YES- I got to sleep in!!! The kids woke early, and opened up their stockings but let me sleep before presents. Til 9 am!! When I asked why they didn't wake me "You needed sleep mommy, we can wait" AWWWWWWW 

Then the pay off, that moment you work so hard for during Christmas. That big smile and awesome joy that just flows all around from the kids. THAT happened! It felt amazing!!!!

Then we all took off - The kids went with their dad over to his dads' house and I went to mine :) Cooking commenced!!! And man did I ever, but it was TOTALLY worth it. The turkey and ham was AMAZING!! I know I say I've had some good ones, but I've also had some bad ones. You know the kind I'm talking about- the ones that are so dry your running for the ranch or gravy to give it a little SOMETHING. 
This one this year, OMG so juicy and yummy!! And the ham - OMG to die for cinnamon pineapple glaze. The cookies, the sides- Just yea, I pigged out. 
That's saying a lot considering I don't usually eat what I cook (Some weird tick about seeing it all cooked and such makes me less hungry? IDK)
Best part of dinner at dad's, beside it being completely fight free and just happiness all around? - The joy the kids and my dad seemed to have.  (My daddy and nephew Cyrus)

I was gifted so very generously this year, a mini sewing machine from my daddy- candles and makeup from my siblings, clothes and jewelry from joe's family, a griddle, a mug from roxy, watch from stevie, earrings from dallas, oil burner from iggy and lots of gift cards for the kids and I to go out :) 
So this entire weekend and next week is loaded with fun day events to fill up the Christmas vacation time they have from school.

Tonight, I am happy. It has been an amazing Christmas and I hope that yours was joyous as well! Thank you all for celebrating with me and my family. You have been an amazing part of my joy as well. I couldn't think of a better note to end the year off with. Birthday is just around the corner, literally tomorrow  :D And I can't wait to see what the next year of my life holds for me. 


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Shuckclod said...

I am glad you survived :) I checked and you were not back yet. I great pictures of the kids. Stevie sure is sweet with her red hair. The others have gotten so big and they are sweet too. I will check back tomorrow.

Stacey said...

So glad you're Christmas was Epic!! Our was as well! My hubby works nights so we had breakfast at 4pm and opened our gifts around 7pm, but we sure got spoiled this year too!