Monday, December 16, 2013

9 days left!

I am doing this post WAY early tonight. 

I am just spent, and today was packed! First I went running around this morning with Dad in town- and visiting with my gorgeous nieces. 

 Then we cleaned and did the teacher gifts for the girls.Remember those straw wreaths I picked up cheap the other day?

Then we started on the doll house that I also found in the cheap crafty find I had not to long ago. The girls did it all- I just supervised and helped when I could. Crafting with 4 extra sets of hands in the pot makes for a very long and fun time ;)

Then we baked and are about to go finish the decorating outside. I got it partially done, but was interrupted by a sick bubba last night while attempting to finish :( So after I get this finished, I'm totally hitting the hay. I'll update with a new picture tomorrow :)


 School tomorrow....maybe while they're gone I can get the rest of the baking done and some more presents wrapped.

With 9 days until the holiday.....


sorry this gift has expired

Please note - each day's download will remain valid for 24 hours.
*With exceptions when noted*
  Today's gift will be up Until December 16th 11:59 pm EST
 After that point, it will be revealed, placed in the shop and a new gift will be given. 

For those that missed yesterday's gift, here's what was hiding inside:)

Tomorrow will be much more in depth after I recover ;)
With Much Love and Hugs!!


Rylea said...

Thank You....wreaths look so awesome. Wished we had more variety around here to shop crafty you is.

Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz... The girls are getting so big. Hope your getting some rest right now.

Lori T. said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for today's gift!


Crystalnva said...

.THANK YOU ;~} bunches....

Scrumptious said...

Your porch looks wonderful! Thank you!

Dawn said...

Thank you - love the decorations!

Stacey said...

thanks for todays awesome present. the outside is looking great! hope you got some rest!

JeannieK said...

Thanks for the daily blog! Enjoy reading it when winding down for the night! Thanks too for the great treat today!

TiggerRD said...

All the pictures are great!

Yes, be sure to get enough rest -- you were sick just a few short days ago - and Bubba now, oh, my -- sending all healthy, happy thoughts!

Thanks for the gifts!