Monday, December 30, 2013

4 and 5

*For those here for the 12 days- the gifts are toward the bottom*

Yep, I was absentee once again......And I honestly thought about telling you that you Jinxed me Stacey.....but you posted after it already happened. 

My morning started fabulously- I got to skype with Johny and open my gift (AMAZING perfumes *sigh*)
Then I took the kids on papers and was surprised with a new awesome tool bag for all my craft tools and supplies :D
I was floating cloud nine.....

I had breakfast from McDonalds and blew a candle out of the top of my McGriddle. YES - I totally skipped cake ;) And then was playing with Dallas and his transformers after church. 

Everything was going smashing- Until lunch. 
I grabbed some leftover turkey from Christmas ( I was thinking it *should* still be good) And then made myself a sandwich with the new mayo (the olive oil one) 
One of the two was bad and I haven't a clue which- since I threw both in the trash. 

But an hour after eating, my body had NO problems what so ever in telling me that I ate something spoiled. *I chalked the tartness to the mayo...because well , it is a tad funny tasting*
Anywho.....My biggest birthday friend was a blue bucket....oh and sleep! LOTS of it. 

Thankfully tonight I don't feel like I was even sick at all yesterday :) I'll consider today the first day of my new year in life (since I was born in the afternoon LMAO) And take *today's* health as the omen for the year to come LOL. 

Anyways- back to the catch up. 
I'll be doing my big post on my 2013 reflection in the afternoon Check the Previous post on your chance to be the 2014 VIP.
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This coming week I'll be bringing lots of goodies your way- A new Creative Call will be posted and someone is about to become the 2014 VIP and win all my products from next year :)


Shuckclod said...

Thank you for day 4 & 5. I do not like leftovers. I would think it was the turkey, but glad your all better now.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for today's awesome downloads! I so hope I didn't jinx you. LOL. Food poisoning is the worst - you feel like you are dying to all traces of whatever it was is gone. Glad you threw out both, because you never know, and better to be safe than sorry. Hope tomorrow, New Year Eve is much better and you have a wonderful day with your family. Now I need to try and get a layout done, so I can enter your contest, although it takes me so long, it may New Years Day before I have it done.

Anonymous said...

Thank You and Happy New Year

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year & thank you :)

Pam K said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! Thank you for the freebies. May you have a fun New Years Eve & a wonderful New Year!

SiskiyouSue said...

Oh, my goodness! You are lucky it wasn't any worse. What an awful thing to go through. Glad it is over and you are smiling again. Thank you for the freebies. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Happy New Year to all!