Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap ~ A Year full of Memories

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Each year, we are blessed with an abundance of memories. Whether they are good or bad- we have 365 days (366 for leap year) in which we can make the absolute most of our lives. Seize every moment we breath and embrace every second that we get to see the world and all it's beauty. 

Fortunately, we can't remember EVERYTHING that happens. I'm sure we can- but I'm glad there is that human fault that prevents it all from overwhelming us- Or else we'd all be even crazier than normal :)  

Today, being New Year's Eve and all, I recollect on what has happened (that I remember ;) that has changed me and my family forever. Had you asked me in the late parts of spring how 2013 was shaping up- I would have told you that 2013 could go *&#$ itself.  

Those really close to me know that there was some insane and crazy things that happened in the earlier parts of this year that just- well, it sucked. I couldn't understand WHY it was all happening- why did I have to go around this merry go round again. So, I questioned a lot and felt a good bit like I was scraping the bottom of the rock again.

In fact, I did finally hit the bottom this year. Finally, there was a straw that broke my back so to speak.

But I chose one word to live 2013 by : SHINE

So I looked for silver linings in everything I could this year.

I didn't exactly 'give up' but I cried out for help. To the unknown- Kind of like that song by Carrie Underwood "Jesus take the Wheel" - I did that in my own way. And I'll be darned if there wasn't the answers I needed all along- the light to guide and stop the crazy cycle of my life.
For some this is a spiritual awakening, for some it is the saving grace of God, others it is the turning point where you give your all to a faith or religion. Please fill in whatever your belief is here- But it was exactly the moment I hit the bottom and cried for help from the unknown that I found it.
I found my saving grace - so to speak.

I'm so extremely grateful for that moment back on May 26th 2013. It was the turning point of my and my kids' life- And the start of all the amazing memories of 2013 for me. 
Thankfully it also is the reason why most of the bad stuff from the beginning of the year has become somewhat of a blur :)

So NOW- I say 2013 ROCKED!! Seriously! It just down right rocked!!

I lost 57lbs - Here is the picture that drove me to loose weight. Thanksgiving 2012:
    I wore the exact same sweater this year to make up for the huge belly bulge I once had (and despite a bad angle it still shows the progress! WOOHOO! :)

My kids rocked my world and taught me so much! Mostly about the joy of life- the importance of what my role as mommy really is all about and unconditional love. 
I gained a mentor - And grew one of the best friendships that a girl could ever have. 

I learned a lot of lessons this year:

I learned to let go. I can't change people or situations- I can only change how I react to them. 
It's not horrible to cut people out of your life, in fact it is necessary sometimes.
Getting rid of the drama is easier than it seems to be AND Saying no is really not as hard as it seems either.

And there is absolutely no shame is saying you need help- or getting a hand up in life. It is vital to keep climbing to the top.And a key to keep from falling back to the bottom :)
Friends are just as important as family- they are the family chosen not given to you, and are a vital part of life's support system.

I learned to date again- With my number 1 man Dallas of course :) I finally got up the nerve to go singing regularly in front of a crowd. I read more, meditated often and tried my best to always find the positives in every situation.
I was gifted with some of the best gifts and some of the most gracious acts of generosity came my way.
I finished some amazing custom order scrapbooks that I'm extremely proud of and sang more than I had in a long time.
We went (as a family- me and the kids) the movies - Monsters University, Frozen and Walking with Dinosaurs. We went camping (several times), on family outings and even traveled half the world.  We got back involved with the church group and found a way to give back to the world We went green and changed our eating habits. I EVEN PLAYED MOST OF 2013!! We had fun, plan and simple- we made the most of everything that we could and I smile tonight because I can truly 1000000% say in all honesty- 2013 REALLY did shine.


There are so many things we accomplished and did together. So many blessings I can count and things to be thankful for having this last year- It far outweighs the bad we encountered. 
Things are looking up little loves- Mommy's got a plan that seems to be working for once :) And I can't wait to see what all we can get into in 2014!

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Sherry said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pictures and reading all that, seeing the happier gal we all love and adore. It is so fun to view interaction with your kids and smiling, big fat smiles on ALL your faces. So awesome. Happy 2014 to you as well. Love you to the moon and back Angelgirl!