Monday, December 9, 2013

16 days to go!

Alright ladies- TIME TO GET SERIOUS! 
There is literally just a little over 2 weeks til the big day- HOW I haven't a darned clue, but it's coming FAST- And of course I am far from being ready LOL. 

Today was suppose to bring you lots of pics and tutorials- I fail! lol Everyone spent the day in jammies and sleeping most of it. Literally everyone took a nap today, trying to make sure we're totally out of the blue with this cold I guess. 
I did get some more crafting done, but it was one of those "I look like crud, my kids are rocking out the mis match and I am not feeling the camera" kind of days. (I know you know what I'm talking about ;)

I am swimming in paper supplies right about now in my living room, trying to finish up all the holiday gifts. Tomorrow I WILL for sure have the Holiday Blitz for you all, so get ready!
We'll knock all the crafty gifts off our list and in hurry too :)

It's a two hour delay for school tomorrow, more snow and ice came here and it's just freezing- literally. 
So I'm thinking a hot chocolate and cookies kind of day tomorrow too. Can't wait- I need a good sugar fix to take the edge off the fact that I have yet to wrap a present or even sort them out to see what's left to buy o.O
(That's getting put on the list of eventually LOL)

I also need to distract myself as much as possible, as yesterday I received my birthday present from my sweet friend Johny in the mail. I have been informed though, it MUST wait until my birthday to open it up!!!(or Christmas since he's kind ;) 
BUT SERIOUSLY?!?! That is where my conflict of HURRY UP CHRISTMAS GET HERE comes into play. 
One hand - I need LOTS AND LOTS more time
Other hand- I can't wait for it to get here so I can open my gift ;)

Oh the dilemma  

With 16 days until the holiday..... 


this is part four of the new collection coming your way :)

Please note - each day's download will remain valid for 24 hours.
*With exceptions when noted*
  Today's gift will be up Until December 9th 11:59 pm EST
 After that point, it will be revealed, placed in the shop and a new gift will be given. 

For those that missed yesterday's gift, here is what was hiding inside!

It will be placed into the shop along with the rest of the 1000 words collection once it has all been revealed. 
Much Love and Hugs- Until Tomorrow!


Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz for another wonderful day.

Lori T. said...


Grá O'Neill said...

Thank-you :)

Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU ;~} bunches...

JeannieK said...

Thanks for today's dl!

Dawn said...

Thank you - you are so good - all my time this year is taken up with our ancient sick dog who has outlasted all expectations but requires full time care. Crafting has had to sit on the back burner and things have had to be bought :( I particularly hate buying cards but this year I have no choice. Happy crafting and I hope you are all well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!


Stacey said...

thank you so much for todays awesome gift. sorry I didn't write you last night - but did finish 99 percent of my decorating inside so thats a plus - yikes I need to step it up.