Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 days left!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty - and little things surely amuse me sometimes ;)

Visiting with Santa this morning was a bust, simply because we all slept in o.O But it was a okay by me- because we all needed that beauty sleep- Plus Santa does lunch tomorrow too ;) So we have a second chance!

 We did go passing cards out this afternoon though. I think the kids loved putting them in people's doors- and I'm sure some people smiled HUGE with Ana's little note of "have a nice day" on the insides. Holiday cheer spreading- day 1- success!!

Tomorrow we are going to go shopping after visiting with Santa (Roxy and Stevie need to get gifts for their lists I've been reminded a million times over ;) And hopefully we can do some cheer spreading again with the cards we have leftover. 
Nothing like some random love spreading :)

This evening I visited with sweet little Lucas. *Sigh*
That new baby smell makes my heart soar! 
Then I came home and did a little pampering. The nails, hair etc. I figured the grooming should take place now before the holidays completely take over my schedule lol.

I haven't got the lights finished just yet. It was sleeting while I was trying to finagle twist ties and such- so I left it half done. (My hands can only take so much LOL) Kids haven't noticed it yet ;) So tomorrow morning when I wake them for the paper routes- they will get a wonderful surprise, because that's what this momma is finishing up tonight. 
(I'll be sure to snap pics Stacey, and hopefully capture some happy faces along with it ;)

With 10 days until the holiday.....

sorry this gift has expired

Please note - each day's download will remain valid for 24 hours.
*With exceptions when noted*
  Today's gift will be up Until December 15th 11:59 pm EST
 After that point, it will be revealed, placed in the shop and a new gift will be given. 

For those that missed yesterday's gift, it till available below. Had to leave it up for the Big GAME day :)

I didn't add in yesterday's post about going to a formal charity event on a whim, basically because I had already crammed enough into my post- It was just too much LOL. But I went, and so it has broke the ice for the up coming New Year's Eve outting :) It was so much fun, of course I was nervous at first, but really I needed a night feeling like a princess! Dress shopping is soon to commence! YAY
With Much Love and Hugs!!


Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz for another day. So sweet to go around and pass out cards to people. If I were to do that I would get shot, since we all live on 1/2 + acre and don't like Trespassing. Have a great lunch with Santa.

Crystalnva said...

The Charity Advent was a spontaneous surprise and it does sound like it was well needed...Liz never say you had said enough you just keep saying lol we`ll keep commenting..THANK YOU ;~} bunches for todays DL...

Lori T. said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
I like your idea of passing out cards to spread some holiday cheer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!!!!

Stacey said...

thank you for the wonderful gift! Glad you went to the charity event. Hope you get to see Santa tomorrow. I hear you on the lights. did mine last week and my fingertips still hurt - LOL