Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family Photo!!

I have a new collection that hit the store today. I am in love with it to be honest, although I am a bit biased ;)
It really is a versatile collection and layouts that I have seen created with it so far have only further proved that for me. That and it's huge too. 
With a full kit, an add on, alpha set that contains 10 full alphas and a template set there are so many possibilities. 

Each individual piece is 30% off from now until October 13th. 
OR You can snag the bundled set of all 4 together and save 50% off!

Each Individual Set here

~Sweet Inspiration~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last day for over 40 products!

There are over 40 designs that are retiring right now. All of them have been marked down 50% off or more, making most of them just $1 and $2. If you have anything on your wishlist now, be sure to check them out, as Wednesday the 9th is the LAST day they will be available.
Celebrate A Ghostly Tale Upside Turvy
Happy To Have You These MemoriesStorybook Romance
A Good Read Destination : The Past Growing Up Boy
Note To Self For Life Reflection

Of course clearing out the cobwebs, means it's making space for new awesome goodies! Be on the lookout for this one to be coming later this week too!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Small Update :)

As you have probably noticed, things went quiet here on the blog again :) I think it's the summer normal for me, as the kids are home and things just become a bit more hectic. 

Personal life has changed, drastically :) But for the better! I picked the word shine at the beginning of the year to live by, and I have been. Little did I know, then, it would mean making things shiny new as well. It has been a bit of an adjustment here but one that has been worth making.

Kids are back in school, the birthday month is done and now I can get ready for the big surge that comes every year about this time for me.  *For those that don't know, all my girls' birthdays are in September. Spread out just perfectly I might add to keep me going on cake and ice cream ALL month long LOL*

I have LOTS of wonderful new designs coming your way soon and the holiday season crafting is already in full swing here. 

So back to the daily blogging I go ;) I hope you had a wonderful summer and I can't wait to get busy this fall and winter with you all!!

If you aren't already following me on Facebook, I will be posting more updates there and linking periodically to some crafty finds as well as posting about some up and coming giveaways ;)