Thursday, February 7, 2013

My designs are jinxing me!

So we managed to hold off the jinx on last week's release....for a little bit. We had it coming though, the holiday season really did hold well with health for us all, we did get hit with a little bit of a cold here or there but nothing like this last week 0.o

Last week was insane with school and kids, which is why quietness has fallen on the blog. Everyday last week was either a two hour delay, two hour early dismissal OR school cancelled all together. We had snow, ice, then snow, then ice.........Old man winter is definitely making his presence known!

 It is crazy how something so small like that can throw your entire life for a loop. But we at least did a good bit of snow playing ;)

THIS week however, there was no school at all due to the wonderful dumping of snow and ice here- AGAIN. But with this last bout of the snow, came the stomach bug to hit our entire home. First it hit Roxy, then bub and me shortly following......then the rest. Not just the quick 24 hour and it's over, more like the OMG I think I am dying...lay around and move as little as possible kind of ick. 

We sat and read books, played games and slept.....A LOT! LOL. 

*Which by the way, if you have little ones- I would recommend reading "Dumb Bunnies Easter"*

Needless to say though, The beginning of February has been a crazy roller coaster ride.

I'll be doing a lot of blogging for the rest of the month to start getting you ready for the wonderful things that are going on behind the scenes- Hybrid/Paper scrappers you are NOT going to want to miss the news :) Want a little peek?

Also I have a bunch of new tutorials coming along for everyone that I have a feeling you might love as well. 

So Much Love- and I shall be talking your eyes off again soon ;)


Peggy said...

I was wondering why everything was so quiet here at your blog. Hope everyone is feeling much better now.

JeannieK said...

I figured the flu bug had to hit your house since your blog was soo quiet! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. :)

shawnyrvr said...

I wondered since you were gone for a bit if it might have been an illness since there's so much going around everywhere. Glad you all made it through. I hope the bad weather that's getting ready to hit everyone again here starting last night isn't affecting you all too much. Glad to live south of most of it at times like this. :0 Shawna