Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It goes like that sometimes

That feeling of riding the wave....moving with the flow, YES It does just happen and I have been letting it. Scheduling is near impossible it seems here lately, as things just keep getting thrown into the mix. Between Valentine's and Birthdays the movement and excitement here has been non-stop. 

Of course Valentine's day (me being me) meant LOTS of crafting and classroom items for the girls. I managed to squeeze a box in each night until their party time...but literally- it was like a full night of crafting (each) to make them happen LOL. 

For our Valentine celebration (Joe and I actually celebrate on the 12th for various reasons) We took the kids out to Burger King to play in the playland. This was the best solution we could find to have both a sitter without having to find one and to enjoy on a budget LOL. 

I was gifted a beautiful necklace and some candles that have been filling the house with the most beautiful tropical smell. (Making me wish for warmer weather too LOL)

Then we had to do some Hulk Smashing for Bub! 

I can't believe my little man is now 4. I swear it was just like yesterday I was holding the little peanut in my arms. 

It is insane how fast time seems to go the older we get. My kids are saying things like "It takes forever mom!" And I am shaking my head trying to find a way to make it all slow down. 

I did manage to squeeze in some design time this last weekend- which means some mega awesomness is coming. 

And today will be devoted to hybrid crafting. I have a HUGE surprise coming and a couple lucky ladies are going to be getting some handcrafted goodness. Not exactly the one below- but something similiar ;) 

I can't wait! Much Love!


Robinsismai said...

Wow Liz, you've been super busy! Love your crafts! You are so talented! Love the sneak peek of the new kit coming! Can't wait to see the full thing! Much love & hugs!

Rylea said...

oh wow! thatlooks pretty incredible.....love the scroll and the ribbons.....my fav. Love all your crafting too...incredible imagine AG. XOXO

Peggy said...

Wow, that's beautiful! Liz, you are so talented and it's great that you get the kids involved too!