Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tea 4 Two

I have also encountered a renewed fascination with Alice in Wonderland. The store and original images were a very big piece of inspiration (and part) of my newest design. I wanted something girly, yet spring like. I also wanted something that captured the wonder and adventure that every girl seems to have when playing with dolls and tea parties and such.

The end result, if I may say so myself, is something quit beautiful. The pages I have seen created with this so far so just how versatile it actually is. No need for tea parties...this is perfect for your little 'wonder' no matter what she is doing. 

I can't wait for some scrap time this weekend to play with this. And just a little hint for next week.....I can't exactly go into wonderland without going a little "Mad" :)

~*Tea 4 Two*~

This one also has a coordinating alpha set as well. 


~Sweet Inspiration~

 by Danna              by Nikki
 by Kerry                      by Goog
  by Julie                 by Kate
  by Sherry                  by Julie
  by Poki                   by Rene
 by Nancy               by Sherry
by Anita

Perfect Pair

When Valentine's came around....I knew I needed to scrap a new layout of me and Joe. The last time I had scrapped a layout of us was over a year ago (GASP) I know! And I wanted to at least do him the favor of shying away from the girly colors that always seem so present in Valentine's day things. 

So I dug up my favorite color set again, and created a perfect little mini just for what I needed. 
Of course I had to scrap with it too ;)

New and on sale 30% off this weekend. This is actually the second release I have this week- so more blogging will surely happen ;)

~*~Perfect Pair~*~

~Sweet Inspiration~
 by Sherry                by Nikki
 by Rene                    by Poki

by Sherry                           By Nancy
Much Love!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It goes like that sometimes

That feeling of riding the wave....moving with the flow, YES It does just happen and I have been letting it. Scheduling is near impossible it seems here lately, as things just keep getting thrown into the mix. Between Valentine's and Birthdays the movement and excitement here has been non-stop. 

Of course Valentine's day (me being me) meant LOTS of crafting and classroom items for the girls. I managed to squeeze a box in each night until their party time...but literally- it was like a full night of crafting (each) to make them happen LOL. 

For our Valentine celebration (Joe and I actually celebrate on the 12th for various reasons) We took the kids out to Burger King to play in the playland. This was the best solution we could find to have both a sitter without having to find one and to enjoy on a budget LOL. 

I was gifted a beautiful necklace and some candles that have been filling the house with the most beautiful tropical smell. (Making me wish for warmer weather too LOL)

Then we had to do some Hulk Smashing for Bub! 

I can't believe my little man is now 4. I swear it was just like yesterday I was holding the little peanut in my arms. 

It is insane how fast time seems to go the older we get. My kids are saying things like "It takes forever mom!" And I am shaking my head trying to find a way to make it all slow down. 

I did manage to squeeze in some design time this last weekend- which means some mega awesomness is coming. 

And today will be devoted to hybrid crafting. I have a HUGE surprise coming and a couple lucky ladies are going to be getting some handcrafted goodness. Not exactly the one below- but something similiar ;) 

I can't wait! Much Love!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Prince Charming

Do you have a prince charming that just sweeps you off your feet? Or maybe you kissed enough frogs and finally found just the right one. Whether they are the sweet young men or the ones by your side, this kit is a fabulous design to scrap those memories and stories. It is new and on sale this weekend at The Digichick!

And this fabulous set of templates that coordinates with Prince Charming is also new and on sale this weekend. 

~*~Sweet Inspiration~*~

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My designs are jinxing me!

So we managed to hold off the jinx on last week's release....for a little bit. We had it coming though, the holiday season really did hold well with health for us all, we did get hit with a little bit of a cold here or there but nothing like this last week 0.o

Last week was insane with school and kids, which is why quietness has fallen on the blog. Everyday last week was either a two hour delay, two hour early dismissal OR school cancelled all together. We had snow, ice, then snow, then ice.........Old man winter is definitely making his presence known!

 It is crazy how something so small like that can throw your entire life for a loop. But we at least did a good bit of snow playing ;)

THIS week however, there was no school at all due to the wonderful dumping of snow and ice here- AGAIN. But with this last bout of the snow, came the stomach bug to hit our entire home. First it hit Roxy, then bub and me shortly following......then the rest. Not just the quick 24 hour and it's over, more like the OMG I think I am dying...lay around and move as little as possible kind of ick. 

We sat and read books, played games and slept.....A LOT! LOL. 

*Which by the way, if you have little ones- I would recommend reading "Dumb Bunnies Easter"*

Needless to say though, The beginning of February has been a crazy roller coaster ride.

I'll be doing a lot of blogging for the rest of the month to start getting you ready for the wonderful things that are going on behind the scenes- Hybrid/Paper scrappers you are NOT going to want to miss the news :) Want a little peek?

Also I have a bunch of new tutorials coming along for everyone that I have a feeling you might love as well. 

So Much Love- and I shall be talking your eyes off again soon ;)