Monday, January 7, 2013

What a whole bunch of Fun!

Seriously, in my attempt to just take a day off....I ended up with two days jammed pack with fun and laughs. Even with the most mundane of things, we laughed, hysterically LMAO. 

Friday: Joe, me and Dallas went out to grab up some groceries while the kids were in school :) So much easier to do with just one kid hahahaha. 
Anyways, while in the cereal isle I said the wrong thing. 
"Dallas could you fetch me a loaf of bread" on all fours....and crawled to the bread.......picked up a loaf in his mouth......and brought it back to me 0.o
Joe took a picture: 

I almost pee'd myself HAHAHA. 

That afternoon we finally took matters into our own  hands for the huge icicles next door. They were finally hanging long enough that I could reach up and touch them 0.o They were at least 6 feet long. 
Anyways- we started throwing balls at them from a distance. Me......I decided to also stand on an ice patch and let the force of my throw cause my butt to hit the ground full force. Not once, nor twice, But after the third time it just wasn't as funny anymore ROFLMAO. 

Then we did tattoos 0.o . My kids are now covered head to toe with those temporary tattoos, and Bub even has one on his chin LOL

Saturday: SLEEP! Yes we slept in - Talk about a happy momma :) 

Joe had an epiphany...."You know what sucks......You get older" 0.o No kidding?

After a loungy book reading late morning, we all got dressed for a family outting. We played basketball, pool, fooseball, volleyball, softball *whew* chase, tag. 
You get the idea, we played a LOT! lol. 

I got my bum handed to me in pool (See Chris- Purple ;) Bub owned the table. Stevie invented Volleybasket. Roxy and Ana played til they made me so tired and sore I just wanted to sleep LOL. 

When we came home, they all ended up crashing in the living room while watching Brave together.

We slept in again, wonder why? LOL
But me and the kids had a pretty intense bible study this morning as Roxy ask a very thought provocative question "Why are there bad people?"

This study resulted in an extremely peaceful and quiet afternoon of cleaning and helping mommy :) 
We then sang karaoke this afternoon and I had a nice little surprise when Dallas told me in no uncertain terms "I'm a better speller than you and daddy"

And then dinner was amazing! Stevie and I cooked a meatloaf (we use cream of mushroom soup for ours) homemade mashed tatas and apple crisp. O Yum! 

All in all, this first week of the year ended with a complete bang and I am so very happy to see things shinning so quickly ;)

Much Love!


Stacey said...

sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

Robinsismai said...

What a great way to end the week!

Arlene said...

My gosh!!! The days are just packed. I seriously laughed out loud about Dallas "fetching" the bread, hahaha. Priceless. You guys are all super cute.

Chris said...

What a Great Sounding Weekend, You All have So Much Fun!

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