Friday, January 11, 2013

Scary Crafter Confession/Challenge

There are 4 reasons why I am about to do this. 

1: It is raining today, and my plans of painting have to be postponed :( And I still have the afternoon while the kids are in school.

2. The start to doing the kids book area made me realize just how much I have neglected my own "personal" space. 

3. The amazing creative sweetie Sara has entered this contest called "Organization Revolution". They have voting open for the contest (She is number 92) and  her before and after photos have really inspired me to go for it myself.  She did her kitchen this past week : 

I can only wish my cabinets where that organized. I usually get Joe doing the dishes and just putting stuff away where it fits 0.o

Last week they did the office/craft space. 

Can we say WOW? 
I want this space!

I am not in the contest, but I want to follow along! LOL So here I am starting a week late :)

4: I know a couple have commented about organizing and downsizing etc... So I am hoping that we can share a little motivation together :) 

So I am taking on the craft space this weekend! And this is SCARY! 

I spent much of November and December carrying everything back and forth from this space due to the craft shows and holiday crafting. My area is great for hybrid crafting, but when I am doing big projects or doing a mass amount at one time, it sucks. LOL

So I did most of my crafting in my living room or the floor the last couple months. This resulted in most everything getting boxed up for portability and pretty much staying that way 0.o

Why yes, yes that IS in fact duct tape holding my drawers shut. The cat was in a phase of jumping up there and knocking it over, notice broken top shelf.  Duct tape was the only way I could think of to keep it from all spilling out LOL)

The drawers themselves 0.o Seriously I scare myself. Anyone that ever called me organized will take it all back right now LOL

I wish with all my might that was the  brunt of my horrid mess, but there are also this wonderful stack of boxes full of albums, papers, elements- You name it, that hasn't even made it in the drawers 0.o

 Seriously neglected space. So this weekend, It's MINE again!

My entire challenge is to 
1: Have this spaced done in a week or less
2: remain standing/on my feet the entire time I am working on it (Hey....I might as well kill two birds with one stone right?) 
3. Spend no more than $30 in the process of getting this the way I want so very badly.

If you want to help Sara out in Voting for her challenge, I would greatly appreciate it ;) Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click "vote" under her kitchen photo, Number 92. I might even give away a gift or two for helping her rise to the top :) 

I'll be back this evening with an updated report, I figure if I keep myself to a nightly blog routine during this will keep me motivated when I am buried in that mess LOL. If you don't see from me in a couple days- it wasn't the glue, so send a search party!

Much Love!


marsie55 said...

Ha ha ha .. you have to love drawers that shut, and cupboard doors that shut .. they hide so much :) Sometimes when I have a mess and people are coming I have to admit I scoop it up and throw in the boot/trunk of the car ... Bad Girl !!!! Just until the visitors leave, lol .. then I sort it out at my leisure .. I seriously think it pays to do decluttering when your mind is in the "zone" .. I think you are much more ruthless!! Good luck!

Sara Westhead said...

Thanks for sharing my hard work... next week, I'm tackling my bedroom closet and, possibly, also my kids' bedroom closet!

Peggy said...

tried to for Sara, hope it worked1

Peggy said...

vote, that is

Tammy said...

I voted for Sara :) I hope she wins!
Good luck with your craft room organizing! I'm one of those REALLY weird people who enjoys organizing. My craft room was pretty amazing...when I had one ;) I'll have to send you pix!

Anonymous said...

oh Sara I voted for you. And it is what I have been doing myself, cleaning and organizing. I get two wonderful benefits out of it. More space and to hear my husband grumble...he swears he never can find anything after I clean and I reply to him all he has to do is ask. File cabinet today.....old docs out to the burn barrel and yesterday was my kitchen cabinets. Tomorrow I might have to add a folder for medical information on what drugs DH is currently taking, doctors, phone no#'s of hospitals and past and current doctors he has seen incase something ever happened to me, cuz he is not gonna remember. good for you Liz. Keep up the good work. It is wonderful to have our space organized

Arlene said...

Oh my gosh, I had to laugh at the duct tape holding your drawers shut, lol.

I just voted for Sara. Hope she wins.

My "office/craft room" is in dire straights too. I would love to challenge myself to organize it in a one week time frame, and will, as soon as I can stand on my own two feet again.

Around 4:00 am last night/this morning I wasn't feeling very well, my head hurt and I thought a migraine was coming on. I've had two this week already. So I got up to take a pill ... walked down the stairs, felt a bit dizzy, thought I was at the bottom and stepped off thinking I was going to step on the landing, but I had missed the last stair, went flying, landed hard on my left hip, bashed my left shoulder into the edge of the hall closet (the door was open), bashed my right shin on the bottom stair, and my left foot ended up underneath me somehow. It's swollen, hurts so bad that if I put weight on it tears spill out of my eyes.

Went to see the doctor today. He said my left ankle is severely strained. I have contusions on my left shoulder, forearm and hip; and a severe contusion (deep tissue damage) to my right shin. He said it will take 2-3 weeks to heal, to stay off my feet as much as possible (not sure for how long), take Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and for pain, and to apply ice packs to all four areas every few hours.

But worse than that, I also got a dreaded phone call from our Vet today. We had taken our dog Dillon in for a geriatric checkup on Wednesday and had to wait until Friday for the results. The news isn't good. His kidneys are failing and he may have 3-6 months, possibly more, possibly less. Needless to say I am crushed. He is my world.

Chris said...

Oh, Arlene, I am Sorry to Hear about Your Terrible Fall. I hope You Recover Well, Just Take it Easy if You Can.
It is Really Sad News about Dillon too, Pets are Irreplaceable.

Thank You for this post, Liz. I could show my partner 'Look You aren't alone in having to put up with this!'My Crafting Things are in the lounge as the house is small, they just spread. This is something i need to look at too or else i'll stop being able to find things! It's so easy to just say 'Tommorow'-Bad Girl!

Robinsismai said...

I so feel you. Until I downsized (read gave away all my paper stash) my space looked like that. I know that you need your stuff & use it, but I wasn't. All my clutter is located in one place - my computer. I am trying to organize that and downsize there too. I will wish you luck on your project & I know that you can do it! Keep up the good work!


shawnyrvr said...

bummer, I found Sara, actually #25 but the voting ended last night. I will watch for her this week for new challenge :)