Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Bell

I have grown quit fond of my personal blogging time, especially as my late night "me time" after the kids have passed out.  So I am going to continue to do so - I will however make my posts from here out separate from the designs, This way those only wanting the work updates won't have to sift through my novels LOL. And, so that the ones that like reading our little adventures can still do so. 
*Ah who am I kidding.....I love to write and need some place to blow the hot air LOL*

So lately with our new little girl, I am thinking that "No Bell" was the more appropriate name. Seeing as it is all I seem to be saying lately. 0.o Chewing is a tad big right now, and it's not just the things left on the floor. She pulls herself up and chews on my table, the cat, my toes and O yes, I forgot just how much fun tug of war is with someone's leg! LOL

She has however become a very big playing member of the family. When Daddy leaves for work she whines.....and the same when we drop the girls off to school. So we have included her in the pick ups and greetings home. The last two days of taking her to pick the girls up have been interesting to say the very least. Every kid she sees come out of there she gets excited and thinks it's her girls. It's pretty awesome to see both the girls and Miss Bell light each other up :) 

And of course she is also included in the after school snack time hahahahaha
Notice the white paws under the table....waiting for the next hand to pass something down LOL

In the last two days I have been beaten by Dallas- A LOT! Seriously he is far better at Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja than I am. 

It's rather shameful to have a 3 year old kick your bum. 0.o
Then tonight, as we were wrestling, I was done and said "I surrender" 
Well this is what followed: 
Dallas: "Awe why don't you come on and fight like a man"
Me: .....shocked by the words I was just challenged, and not one to ever back down from a duel....
                "Alright buddy, you're on!"
*few minutes of wrestling around and I get my finger bent*
Me: "Times Times! I give, You gotta stop fighting like a man"
Dallas: "Well, why don't you stop fighting like a girl!"

I then got his attention and said lets work on some letters.....and tonight, my little man WROTE HIS NAME!

Tomorrow I am crafting and going to the store to pick up some wood. I seen a pretty kick butt project that I want to turn into a hybrid project with the girls. *Fair would be the time to invest in Mod Podge stock, because I have a feeling we are going to need LOTS of it! LOL* I am also fixing up this HUGE book mess in the girls room. I haven't figured out just what I am going to do, but a major overhaul is going to happen. 

Much Love, and If you don't see me in the next couple for major help. It will mean I have glued myself to something I am sure! LOL


Arlene said...

RE: "Notice the white paws under the table....waiting for the next hand to pass something down LOL"
... those shared bits could be referred to as the "No-Bell Piece Prizes". Sorry, couldn't resist. Have fun with the modge-podge. :)

Tomorrow I'll be playing with your beautiful new kit. Gorgeous!!

Stacey said...

Our dog when she was a puppy was the same - loved to chew on shoes or slippers. loved to steal socks & Underwear - LOL - luckily she out grew it all after about a year! I hope yours will too!

marsie55 said...

Oh my goodness you better keep some eucalpytus oil handy to unstick yourself!!! I eliminated a lot of the book mess by downloading coloring pages from the net as needed, and scanning (time consuming tho!) lots of story books into the computer and/or dropping them onto CD/DVD! I also scan all my receipts/guarantees into the computer. Download user manuals for fridges etc from the net & get rid of the paper instructions. Anything I can put in the computer rather than having paper makes me a happy chappy!! I also got boxes for dvds/cds and took the discs out of the cases and put the discs into thin packs or cloth disc holders and threw all the original stuff out .. cut down loads of storage space!! Sorry for rattling on .. it is my mission at the moment to get rid of clutter!!! Good luck with the book problem and glad to hear you are all enjoying Belle so much!

Chris said...

I See Your book mess, It looks So Familiar and I don't even have the excuse of kids! My Best Friend is Always telling me i need more Shelves. I have some storage space but I think i need to 'Optimise it's Potential' ?
I Love the picture of Bell loitering under the table for sneaky treats from the kids.