Friday, January 18, 2013

Life, let's catch up.

So I am thinking that this week's new release brought it all on. I mean the timing is pretty uncanny. I made the first preview for it and gave it a name, and then BAMN! To be honest though, it had been a good bit coming. Life has to happen and schedules have to get rocked sometimes. 

With the last month (and beginning of this one) being pretty packed to the brim with daily happenings, I knew the train would derail at some point LOL. That much needed and often overlooked "couple" time, finally made itself known that there was no more "tomorrows" to do what we had put off for each other. A little spat turned into an amazing eye opener for each other though, and I realized that while we were doing so much together and with the kids.....we weren't really discussing things adult like.
 So we spent the last few days getting caught back up with one another, back on the same page and doing a couple things slightly different. I mean, if I am shooting for "Shine"- I gotta get it all in check right ;)

I'll do a quick updating here, but pictures will come later tonight with my Week 2 of P365 (YES, I have managed to stick to it :) 

Girls report cards came in, A's and B's! Way to make momma proud!
We have been tackling cursive writing this last week, as Ana requested to be taught :) So that has been fun - especially with Dallas trying hahaha.
Dallas and I have been working on letters and their sounds, so I asked him to spell cat last night. 
D: C
Me: Yes, that's it, now whats next
D: Ummmmmmmmmm
Me: C ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
D: I know what makes that sound!!!!!!
It's a sheep!

Needless to say I couldn't stop laughing and the lesson was pretty much over at that point hahahaha.

Roxy woke up before me the other morning, and took over the tablet. I woke up to 258 new pictures and 11 videos 0.o 
Some of the funniest stuff to- I think I should let her have it more often- Comedy gold. 
*One of the vids*

As for my craft space overhaul- We are actually finishing up today. I took some time away from it to do more movies and conversation with Joe this week.
*heads up on these movies
- Red Lights is SO weird, the second half of the movie I was completely lost
- Fire with Fire - I have no clue how so many A list actors, and such a good story goes so horribly     wrong, but I wasn't amused
- Pitch Perfect - I'm in love, enough said

We also did a little paper crafting this week, and I can't wait to show you the finished results this coming week :) 

Hope everyone else has been keeping warm and had a wonderful week.
Much Love

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Chris said...

I am So Glad Your Craft Room Overhall is Going So Well! I even had a little Tidy Yesterday.
Today I was Under the Computer desk labeling all the plugs and getting the computer and all it's peripherals on one big extension lead that i can unplug and the phone and internet on another. Since a Ridiculous Electricity Bill there is more energy efficiency going on round here.
I am Glad you got to spend some Quality Time with your Husband, It is hard to Shine without the one who makes You Glow!