Saturday, January 12, 2013

Craft space overhaul....Day 1

So I didn't finish today.....HAHAHAHAH Big surprise there!
I didn't expect to in the least, but I DID make a pretty nice sized dent in the couple of hours I got to spend on it.  I think your right Marsie- The zone kicked in...time to get it done!

I am saying now Chris- YOU CAN DO IT! No more tomorrows ;) I said that for TOOOO long. 
Arlene- OUCH and OMG. Seriously girl, I thought I was a hap hazard! But I feel your pain, I once sprained my ankle severly and they say it is worse than a break most times. So rest loads!! (And I'll try to do the ESP decluttering for you hahahaha)
And Robin, I am definitely giving some of this stash away....I have WAY to much I think.

The lamp cover is off and drying, That bad boy got recovered ;)
I am down from 5 boxes to just 2...and the remaining two are full of items that need to be put away in the drawers OR are unfinished projects 0.o

Drawers- Not touched! LOL
I figured I would save the best for last :) 

I did find in that huge pile of stuff....all kinds of everyday items that got thrown in the mix. So I manage to move all hair pieces into a small tote, and back in the bathroom where they belong. 
All jewelry found it's way back to jewelry box. 

And all the tool essentials that I had scattered in my mess of boxes and bags are now sitting neatly in their new hanging homes. *Yes they are uneven LMAO- I will fix it as I get further along*

As for the huge amount of floral pieces I have collected....They are resting in a bag at the moment until I figure out just what I plan to do with them. 0.o
So Far on Day 1.....4 hours spent
$5 spent on nifty little storage containers and wall hangers

When the kids got home, I couldn't stop......So I went on a search through every corner to de clutter things in the living room and such. 
Why did no one ever tell me that the sock monster spits the socks back out in odd places? Seriously?
I found SOOOOO many socks today and washed them- I matched almost an entire basket full 0.o

The cleaning/organizing bug caught on with Ana today too. She was eager to help me and I couldn't be more thankful. It was nice having a little helper during the day :) 

Thank you everyone that has voted for Sara in her challenge. And thank you Sara for inspiring this momma to kick it in gear.
*For those that would like to check out some awesome organizing and possibly vote for Sara....go here. She is number 92!*

Day 2.....More on the craft space, painting and finishing up the kids book space. 

Mojo don't fail me now! And Sherry....when your done with yours, come help a sister out k? LOL 
*Tammy I would totally love to see your space and drool for a bit ;)*
Much Love!


Robinsismai said...

Don't you feel so good though? I felt so free after getting rid of stuff! As for your flowers, maybe you could get some kind of vase like container to stand them in, like a vase. That way they're organized and not in a bag (I am a notorious bag lady) and you can see what you have & they are visible. I am known for buying new things and then coming home to find that I already have the same thing I just bought LOL. I thin that you have done a wonderful job so far! Keep up the hard work. {Hugs}

Anonymous said...

It's looking good girl. And it does feel good to go to get something and actually find it It was unreal how many old documents I tossed for the burn barrel out of my file cabinet. It started out with me having a drawer and DH a drawer and all books that came with products we bought over the years in another. Extra electronic gadgets in the last. Now all important papers are in one drawer. Yes! it will take me some time to find it since it is all in different places but.... what a difference. I never could find anything I needed when prompted for details and it made me mad.

AND THEN my scrap room got another once over. DH just shakes his head at me. He can't imagine there is anything else to move. I am so happy it is all coming together and I forgot how exhausting it all is. I spent literally all day with my desk and floor covered with papers sorting and tossing, and when it was done? I just breathed a huge sigh of relief. Was awesome to have it behind me.

Now for the guest bedroom closet and see about what extra blankets to donate to Goodwill. If I came to help? It would have to be for a week cuz for the first 4 days we would be for having fun visiting. Keep it up! and look out us, for the Mojo will be in full force then eh? XOXOX

shawnyrvr said...

I'm proud of you. I saw your post the other day and thought I NEED to do this with her... and had every intention of starting today, but it didn't happen that way. :( everyone need haircuts, I had to bath the dogs and do flea treatment, and dishes... so I was done at 8pm :( there's always Monday to start, though. :)

Chris said...

Well Done You are Organising Brilliantly!

shawnyrvr said...

I've tried to vote for Sara. you say 92 here but that number says Chalsye not Sara? :( Don't wanna vote for the wrong person.