Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Space Overhaul, Day 2

Day 2 and we have RIBBON!

*This post is pic heavy, but all should be clickable to enlarge and view*
I did the drawers today! It was actually the first thing *besides normal routine stuff* that I did today. I actually did a little bit past the drawers....but I want to save that for tomorrow's post, because I might actually *gasp* be done with it all tomorrow- Which is pretty exciting to be honest :) 

So remember the mess from before? Well - Tadda!

Alphas and journal cards/tags 

All word labels and 3-D word bits. 

All my 3-D embellishments and decorative sticker pieces. 

And the ribbons!! These are actually temporarily in the bags...I just did this to sort them out, and tomorrow those have a new home that I am pretty excited about :) 

I am slowly working to having something really awesome in this small space. Right now I have about 8 hours invested into this now- However, I am no where near these drool worthy spaces!

Creative Sweetie Sherry also linked me up to her space- and I am just amazed.  It is so efficient, and everything is so neat, but also in arms reach that just screams YES! This is what I want to make out of my space. I don't have a lot of room to work with- and this is ultimately my goal (more or less)
 If you are working with a small space and looking to spruce it up- seriously you need to go check this out!

Tammy  also sent me pictures of her old craft room- And the transformation she put it through. All I can say is WOW! Seriously - WOW!
I would move a bed in this room and just stay....Forever! hahahaha

  Her before 0.o

 And the AMAZING transformation, *I KNOW this took some time...but So worth it!*

 If I had a space like that- It would be weekend crops every weekend for all to come along! LOL
Thank you SO much Tammy for sharing! You're so very right- that is like a little slice of heaven!

Now just to finish this space of mine up- It's coming along nicely and I am hoping to find myself crafting like mad in it soon :) *gotta break it in right? LOL* And Shawnyrvr, I know all too well that life happens, it took two months to get the time (and motivation for it LMAO) ;) Take it a little at a time....I have had to and it's working out perfectly!

Much Love!


Anonymous said...

oh wow! Look at all that room will ya? Oh Liz, I'm with you with spending forever in that room of Tammy's, we could camp for days and never ever be without something to do. ;)We would have to lock the door tho, cuz I would not wanna get out of it before I was ready. That binder method? How cool that system would be? I am amazed at all that space, and I think I might actually be dangerous. LOL I also need to make me a sign like Tammy's about needing a bigger room.

And good for you on your own is looking awesome in your space as well. But done as well for awhile....I forgot how tiring it was to organize. No wonder it all goes kapoot so fast. Tomorrow is another day and back on track to walking....Have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

looks great!
I too did a clean sweep of about 40% of my supplies. I have so much that I set up a "store" in my dining room. It was alot of work, but I have already made some money and I can actually scrap in my room now. Yeah!

enjoy your new found space

Leza Krouwel said...

I am sorry I am gonna have to change my adoption plans I will now have to go and live with Tammy lol That space is amazing...
I have been trying to explain to my husband why I need the third bedroom to myself but he keeps insisting he needs to work from home and HAS to have a consideration lol

Wendy said...

Looks like you're making some good progress! It's such a process but it's so worth it when it's done. I redid my craft room 2 years ago and it was definitely heavenly to be in it afterwards!
I am getting ready to change things up again and love seeing what you've been doing!

teresaj said...

Well it's looking great. Wish I could get motivated. If I organized maybe I could get more done LOL!.

Robinsismai said...

You're doing so good! I'm proud of you for keeping it up. I would probably have given up out of sheer overwhelming stress! I'm sure it'll be worth all of your hard work! Keep us posted! I love seeing your progress.

Tammy said...

You're doing an amazing job, Liz! Keep up the good work :) Before you know it, you'll be crafting away.

marsie55 said...

Wow, looking good!! It is so much nicer when it is all organised. I organise and declutter, but I think I am just more comfortable in a mess!!! Before I can blink I've got stuff everywhere again .. oh well, I gotta get points for trying!! And Tammy's room .. my goodness, that looks big enough for a basketball court!! lol. It's great to see other peoples ideas!!

Chris said...

Your Room's Looking Really Good!
I can't wait to see what you are going to do with those ribbons, though, i think i might have an idea! I need to do something with mine they are all in a big bag.

shawnyrvr said...

So, I started today on mine... Mine looks like a 9x9 disaster area where a tornado just dropped a bunch of trash. I should've taken some before photos but i didn't even think about it. I wish I had as much room as Sherry does and ditto, I'd just move in there permanently. Mine won't happen it one week but maybe 2-3 hopefully. :) We moved recently & then chaos struck as I was unpacking and it just kept striking. Who say's lightening NEVER strike the same place twice doesn't live in my house. ;-) I worked on it about 4-5 hours got side-tracked with a small kitchen project & LR one, too for a bit. But still accomplished a good deal. Even stayed up late doing a little more because it felt so good to get going on it again. I will take photos tomorrow. Take Care! and looking forward to seeing the end especially your final ribbon solution.:) good night!

Arlene said...

Hi Liz ... you are so on a roll. Great stuff!!!! Sorry I've been MIA. Since I took that tumble down the stairs on Thursday night I have been too uncomfortable to sit at the computer for long. Both of my feet are swollen up like pillows and I have a number of lovely black and blue splotches on feet, legs and shoulder. Sheesh! Feeling guilty about slacking off my visiting my usual interweb haunts, but I'll be back. Congrats on getting so much done. Looking good.

Anonymous said...

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