Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little something ;)

This past week has been insane! With the weather being insanely chilly, the school's were either 2 hour delay, not in session or 2 hour early dismissal all week. To top it off, we had church revival this week as well. With the two elements in the mix, our schedule was anything but routine LOL

Needless to say, the time we did have to sit down and relax, was spent on meals....or hiding under blankets to keep warm. 
Heat was cranked and I swear I still got frost bite. 
*Okay I might be exaggerating, but DANG!*

Right now, it is time that I should be picking the kids up, but they got out early. 3/4 inches of snow today- but the's the warmest it's been all week at a wonderful 20 degrees! YAY

Quick update in a nutshell: The kids have been fabulous.
I mean really not much to complain about in that department at all. 
My organizing is DONE! YAY! (that post will come tonight for sure once I get my ME time) 
I went out last weekend with my sisters for a mommies night (our very first ever!) 
Snowbell's ears are starting to stick up....starting being the key word as only the bottom of one side has really hardened up. So she has lopsided ears momentarily LOL. 
I have managed to come down 5 lbs this week WOOOT! And I am really just all sorts of happy :)

I had planned on having a new release this week, but missed out on the deadline- SO I figured instead I would give it as a little gift on facebook (since I haven't had a new one there for a while) 
So you can pick this up until January 31st on my FB page.
Storybook Romance

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Happens - and Free Page Starters

You know that moment, when the bad luck just keeps pouring? What about the moment that comes out of the blue and just makes you stop and go WHAT THE HECK? Those things that seem to only happen to you? Those things that have your shaking your head and the eye roll moments? Or the ones that take your breath away? Well it's called Life......and It Happens

On Sale 30% off until Monday  January 21st, 2013

Also the coordinating alpha set:

Here is some amazing Sweet Inspiration
*And some pretty hilarious stories too ;)*

By Star
By Nancy- I've had a few bombs too :)
 By Goog
 By Jaime....I couldn't imagine tasting that stuff! LOL
 Gotta love a peanut butter mustache ;) This one is by Nancy
 By Sara
 by Nikki- Gotta love this kind of luck. 
 And parents - YOU HAVE to admit, you have totally done this too!!! 
LOVE this one by Sherry

  I also have a set of page starters for you as well. Included in this are 6 title pieces, and 1 stacked paper to help get the creativity flowing. 

Much Love! 

Life, let's catch up.

So I am thinking that this week's new release brought it all on. I mean the timing is pretty uncanny. I made the first preview for it and gave it a name, and then BAMN! To be honest though, it had been a good bit coming. Life has to happen and schedules have to get rocked sometimes. 

With the last month (and beginning of this one) being pretty packed to the brim with daily happenings, I knew the train would derail at some point LOL. That much needed and often overlooked "couple" time, finally made itself known that there was no more "tomorrows" to do what we had put off for each other. A little spat turned into an amazing eye opener for each other though, and I realized that while we were doing so much together and with the kids.....we weren't really discussing things adult like.
 So we spent the last few days getting caught back up with one another, back on the same page and doing a couple things slightly different. I mean, if I am shooting for "Shine"- I gotta get it all in check right ;)

I'll do a quick updating here, but pictures will come later tonight with my Week 2 of P365 (YES, I have managed to stick to it :) 

Girls report cards came in, A's and B's! Way to make momma proud!
We have been tackling cursive writing this last week, as Ana requested to be taught :) So that has been fun - especially with Dallas trying hahaha.
Dallas and I have been working on letters and their sounds, so I asked him to spell cat last night. 
D: C
Me: Yes, that's it, now whats next
D: Ummmmmmmmmm
Me: C ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
D: I know what makes that sound!!!!!!
It's a sheep!

Needless to say I couldn't stop laughing and the lesson was pretty much over at that point hahahaha.

Roxy woke up before me the other morning, and took over the tablet. I woke up to 258 new pictures and 11 videos 0.o 
Some of the funniest stuff to- I think I should let her have it more often- Comedy gold. 
*One of the vids*

As for my craft space overhaul- We are actually finishing up today. I took some time away from it to do more movies and conversation with Joe this week.
*heads up on these movies
- Red Lights is SO weird, the second half of the movie I was completely lost
- Fire with Fire - I have no clue how so many A list actors, and such a good story goes so horribly     wrong, but I wasn't amused
- Pitch Perfect - I'm in love, enough said

We also did a little paper crafting this week, and I can't wait to show you the finished results this coming week :) 

Hope everyone else has been keeping warm and had a wonderful week.
Much Love

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Space Overhaul, Day 2

Day 2 and we have RIBBON!

*This post is pic heavy, but all should be clickable to enlarge and view*
I did the drawers today! It was actually the first thing *besides normal routine stuff* that I did today. I actually did a little bit past the drawers....but I want to save that for tomorrow's post, because I might actually *gasp* be done with it all tomorrow- Which is pretty exciting to be honest :) 

So remember the mess from before? Well - Tadda!

Alphas and journal cards/tags 

All word labels and 3-D word bits. 

All my 3-D embellishments and decorative sticker pieces. 

And the ribbons!! These are actually temporarily in the bags...I just did this to sort them out, and tomorrow those have a new home that I am pretty excited about :) 

I am slowly working to having something really awesome in this small space. Right now I have about 8 hours invested into this now- However, I am no where near these drool worthy spaces!

Creative Sweetie Sherry also linked me up to her space- and I am just amazed.  It is so efficient, and everything is so neat, but also in arms reach that just screams YES! This is what I want to make out of my space. I don't have a lot of room to work with- and this is ultimately my goal (more or less)
 If you are working with a small space and looking to spruce it up- seriously you need to go check this out!

Tammy  also sent me pictures of her old craft room- And the transformation she put it through. All I can say is WOW! Seriously - WOW!
I would move a bed in this room and just stay....Forever! hahahaha

  Her before 0.o

 And the AMAZING transformation, *I KNOW this took some time...but So worth it!*

 If I had a space like that- It would be weekend crops every weekend for all to come along! LOL
Thank you SO much Tammy for sharing! You're so very right- that is like a little slice of heaven!

Now just to finish this space of mine up- It's coming along nicely and I am hoping to find myself crafting like mad in it soon :) *gotta break it in right? LOL* And Shawnyrvr, I know all too well that life happens, it took two months to get the time (and motivation for it LMAO) ;) Take it a little at a time....I have had to and it's working out perfectly!

Much Love!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

P365 - Week 1

Another tick on the "to-do" list that is DONE!

I finished up my week one spread for P365. 
For the first time of me NOT saying I want to do the I am rearing and ready to go. 
I am thinking "Shine" was absolutely perfect for this year. 

 I used the new kit "Life is Beautiful"

And if you're looking for some great Week in Review templates, don't forget to grab these up: 

For those that are taking on a project for the year....Link me up to your pages so I can leave some love. I would love to follow along with others doing a challenge this year.....maybe it will keep me motivated in my "Not doing a challenge" LOL

Craft space overhaul....Day 1

So I didn't finish today.....HAHAHAHAH Big surprise there!
I didn't expect to in the least, but I DID make a pretty nice sized dent in the couple of hours I got to spend on it.  I think your right Marsie- The zone kicked in...time to get it done!

I am saying now Chris- YOU CAN DO IT! No more tomorrows ;) I said that for TOOOO long. 
Arlene- OUCH and OMG. Seriously girl, I thought I was a hap hazard! But I feel your pain, I once sprained my ankle severly and they say it is worse than a break most times. So rest loads!! (And I'll try to do the ESP decluttering for you hahahaha)
And Robin, I am definitely giving some of this stash away....I have WAY to much I think.

The lamp cover is off and drying, That bad boy got recovered ;)
I am down from 5 boxes to just 2...and the remaining two are full of items that need to be put away in the drawers OR are unfinished projects 0.o

Drawers- Not touched! LOL
I figured I would save the best for last :) 

I did find in that huge pile of stuff....all kinds of everyday items that got thrown in the mix. So I manage to move all hair pieces into a small tote, and back in the bathroom where they belong. 
All jewelry found it's way back to jewelry box. 

And all the tool essentials that I had scattered in my mess of boxes and bags are now sitting neatly in their new hanging homes. *Yes they are uneven LMAO- I will fix it as I get further along*

As for the huge amount of floral pieces I have collected....They are resting in a bag at the moment until I figure out just what I plan to do with them. 0.o
So Far on Day 1.....4 hours spent
$5 spent on nifty little storage containers and wall hangers

When the kids got home, I couldn't stop......So I went on a search through every corner to de clutter things in the living room and such. 
Why did no one ever tell me that the sock monster spits the socks back out in odd places? Seriously?
I found SOOOOO many socks today and washed them- I matched almost an entire basket full 0.o

The cleaning/organizing bug caught on with Ana today too. She was eager to help me and I couldn't be more thankful. It was nice having a little helper during the day :) 

Thank you everyone that has voted for Sara in her challenge. And thank you Sara for inspiring this momma to kick it in gear.
*For those that would like to check out some awesome organizing and possibly vote for Sara....go here. She is number 92!*

Day 2.....More on the craft space, painting and finishing up the kids book space. 

Mojo don't fail me now! And Sherry....when your done with yours, come help a sister out k? LOL 
*Tammy I would totally love to see your space and drool for a bit ;)*
Much Love!

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year Projects.

I have also taken up doing Project 365 this year. I am not setting it as a goal...and only subconsciously did it 0.o But I have taken one photo each day so far, So.....why not :) 

During my breaks of organizing today, I am going to finish up my week 1 layout, and get a jump start on week 2's :) 
*personal blog post below*

I went digging in my stash this morning, and found this great set of Week in review templates that I retired a while back. I so love them, and if you don't already have them....maybe you will love them too ;) 

Plus they go perfect with this week's new release, and it's definitely what I am using for my first 2 week's layouts :) 

Much Love!

Scary Crafter Confession/Challenge

There are 4 reasons why I am about to do this. 

1: It is raining today, and my plans of painting have to be postponed :( And I still have the afternoon while the kids are in school.

2. The start to doing the kids book area made me realize just how much I have neglected my own "personal" space. 

3. The amazing creative sweetie Sara has entered this contest called "Organization Revolution". They have voting open for the contest (She is number 92) and  her before and after photos have really inspired me to go for it myself.  She did her kitchen this past week : 

I can only wish my cabinets where that organized. I usually get Joe doing the dishes and just putting stuff away where it fits 0.o

Last week they did the office/craft space. 

Can we say WOW? 
I want this space!

I am not in the contest, but I want to follow along! LOL So here I am starting a week late :)

4: I know a couple have commented about organizing and downsizing etc... So I am hoping that we can share a little motivation together :) 

So I am taking on the craft space this weekend! And this is SCARY! 

I spent much of November and December carrying everything back and forth from this space due to the craft shows and holiday crafting. My area is great for hybrid crafting, but when I am doing big projects or doing a mass amount at one time, it sucks. LOL

So I did most of my crafting in my living room or the floor the last couple months. This resulted in most everything getting boxed up for portability and pretty much staying that way 0.o

Why yes, yes that IS in fact duct tape holding my drawers shut. The cat was in a phase of jumping up there and knocking it over, notice broken top shelf.  Duct tape was the only way I could think of to keep it from all spilling out LOL)

The drawers themselves 0.o Seriously I scare myself. Anyone that ever called me organized will take it all back right now LOL

I wish with all my might that was the  brunt of my horrid mess, but there are also this wonderful stack of boxes full of albums, papers, elements- You name it, that hasn't even made it in the drawers 0.o

 Seriously neglected space. So this weekend, It's MINE again!

My entire challenge is to 
1: Have this spaced done in a week or less
2: remain standing/on my feet the entire time I am working on it (Hey....I might as well kill two birds with one stone right?) 
3. Spend no more than $30 in the process of getting this the way I want so very badly.

If you want to help Sara out in Voting for her challenge, I would greatly appreciate it ;) Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click "vote" under her kitchen photo, Number 92. I might even give away a gift or two for helping her rise to the top :) 

I'll be back this evening with an updated report, I figure if I keep myself to a nightly blog routine during this will keep me motivated when I am buried in that mess LOL. If you don't see from me in a couple days- it wasn't the glue, so send a search party!

Much Love!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life is Beautiful.....Winners Announced!

I am so very excited to show you all this week's new release. I am pretty happy with the results and I so hope you are too. 

~*~Sweet Inspiration~*~

I did the random 2 lucky ladies are going to get this new collection in their inboxes :) 

Drumroll please...........................

Congrats to :
 DonnaKae and Robin (Robinsismai)
Please email me at sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com with the Subject Blog Win
and I will get you your new links!

This collection will be on sale 30% off until Monday January 14th.

Be sure to watch out for tomorrow's newsletter which will hold a fabulous add on to this Collection :) 
Much Love!