Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rain makes for good reading

It has done nothing short of that here lately. Rain rain, and o yes- more rain! It has actually felt more like a spring than winter to be honest- Minus the little bout of snow and ice we had last weekend. The creek nearby is actually at flood stage, and I am hoping like crazy it doesn't reach over the thresh hold.

But all the rainy mucky days have made for some great indoor activity time. Reading being the biggest thing- as I went through my mother's old 'school supply' closet this week. She had dreamed of one day opening her own daycare and tutoring center for preschool and elementary children. She also had a very big shopping habit - and that closet (thank you dad for finally letting me raid it) was chalked FULL of childrens books and crafts and story boards and O MY! 

So we have been reading loads of kids books here- and when the kids are reading (or in Bub and Stevie's case looking) I have snuck away for some reading of my own. I would say my reading challenge is off to a great start this year for sure- Almost 6 books finished this month :) 
*If you are on good reads add me, I would love to be friends and see what everyone else is reading*

I actually can't wait for today- as I am going to be scrapping some of the moments from this week with my new release A Good Read- Its now in the shops and on sale this weekend: 

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I will be back tomorrow with a new sneak peek of next week's releases and announce the new FOTW :) 
Much Love and Hugs!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold Days

I am pretty sure that the battle of the cold vs. feel good game is a never ending battle for me. I have fought 7 battles this past week- Maybe it's been more than that- I have lost count on the tally to be honest. The kids came down with it as some point this past week- 3 going a step beyond with strep and sinus infections. We managed to fight it off early and get them back on the up and up- but as of Sunday my sister is staying at the hospital. I am so ready for spring to come back around! I declare right now- I am going to achieve GOOD health around this week! 

*In the words of Linda- so it's written it shall be done ;)* - hopefully. Lysol I am sure has loved my extra boost to their business hahahaha But yesterday, o MY yesterday was nothing short of a day full of laughs. Best medicine I think we all could have gotten.

It started yesterday morning- when Me, Ana and Stevie. My brother went out to his friends house friday evening- just before the ice storm hit, and was stuck. There was no going out or coming back through it all so guess who got stuck doing his Sunday morning papers? O Yea- this girl ;) The ice had yet to melt and in almost all places people had yet to even attempt clearing their paths- We did after all get about an half/inch thick ice coating everything. 

Either way- There are hills .... on in particular in a rather big parking lot. To which no attempts to clear the ice had been made yet- Well the girls managed to quickly climb up it and reach a grassy landing where they could break the ice and plant their feet for the moment- This momma on the other hand....not so much. I got about half up the hill, and out the feet went....down to the bottom of the hill I went LOL- I tried again and again- and still couldn't manage to get anywhere past the middle. 

So I called Joe- at 7 in the morning to cry for help because here I was stuck.... like a declawed cat in the middle of a frozen uphill climb. His solution- after laughing hysterically at me for about 10 minutes- Crawl. So... I did, and made it, while half a dozen people watched (I am sure laughing hysterically as well) from their windows at me doing the baby walk up the hill. Ana and Stevie had nothing more than laughs to offer either.

The usual hour and a half task took double and from that point forward, it was combo of sliding on our butts to see who could reach the bottom fastest, and climbing like a baby up em to see which girl would laugh the hardest. 

My knees are feeling it today - But it was well worth it for the laughs ;) 

The ice started to melt in the afternoon- when the temp reached 40- YAY! So we went out to Joe's mom's for a visit and let the kiddos play for a bit. Not sure it was the best idea in the world- BUT They had fun, they played and it felt good to get out in the country air for a bit.
Now here's hopping that it doesn't turn out to make them all sick again!

If you haven't gotten your piece to the Me So Scrappy blog hop- Be sure to stop by and pick it up- A new facebook goodie will be posted on the 28th :) 

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I so can't wait for this collection to be released :) It has quickly become a new favorite!!
Much love and hugs- And to good health :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


WOOHOO! I am feeling fresh, new and ready to ROLL :) I mentioned a couple days ago that I had ordered a wrap to help tighten and tone skin, and shrink down the dreaded baby skin. Well it came yesterday :)

As per the instructions and recommendations- I will wait the full 72 hours from the time of application to do my full after photos and measurements- HOWEVER, being just a little over a day since I applied the wrap, I can tell you this much- IT WORKS! (funny, because that is what the wrap is called- "It Works") Already I have lost a total of 5 inches and my skin is MUCH tighter and smoother! And its painless and only took 45 minutes for the application.

I will post a full review with before and afters later (but I will warn they will not be pretty photos at all- I have 4 kiddos remember? LMAO)

It has been snowy, cold and definitely reminding me that winter is here.  Today while out- Stevie was over enthused to pelt me with Snow. Everytime she would throw a handful (as it isn't completely balling up right now) She would say "Throw" but it came out more like "Shrow"
I don't think I have ever been so happy to be covered in the white stuff- just to hear her say that! LOL

Ana proceeded to eat snow- Which reminded me that snow cream is a most definite in the near future. And Bubba found it so much fun....until the snow got into his gloves. I don't think he is fond of the cold stuff hahaha.

I have a good bit of Sweet Digi News to share with you all.

Firstly- Me So Scrappy has been doing the Everyday a Giveaway this past week- and today it's my turn :) Hurry and head on over to the blog to enter yourself in the drawing for $5 worth of goodies!

Also- I am introducing a fabulous new way to give back to those that support me. I found an awesome new application that randomly chooses a friend from Facebook to be the "Fan of the Week"
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How does it pick the FOTW?
Each week it will go through the posts on the FB page- Each like, comment and post on the wall will count as an entry.
All of the entries are compiled in a list and a random person is chosen.
I have no control over who is picked- It is done completely by the app-
*In the event it picks a Sweetie or VIP member- they will be given the $5 gift card to pass along to whomever they choose :)
I am so very excited to incoporate this with Sweet Digi Scraps- and I hope that you are as well!

In other Facebook News ;)
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I will be back later on with full review and more SDS news- I hope you all had a fabulous weekend
Much Love and Hugs!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

13 unlucky?

Well for Friday the 13th- It was pretty darn nice. I guess my run in of bad luck would be when I found out that I forgotten to put the lid back on the crockpot :( BUT- I guess that just means roast for tomorrow LOL. 

Woke up this morning to snow and WIND- O MY THE WIND!! School was delayed this morning, which made for a wonderful loud and eventful morning here :) But it was nice to sit around this morning eating a hot breakfast and enjoying cartoons with each other before having to hurry off to school. Also made outfit time a LOT less stressful. *Ana is my picky "stylish" dresser and it doesn't matter how many outfits we lay out the night before, she manages to find a reason to have to change at least 3 times each morning LOL*

The weekend looks to be a cold wintery one (finally) and hopefully will be one for outside fun :) 

I hope you stay warm- and get ready as this weekend will have loads of gifts and goodies coming your way

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Also I had time to scrap today - YAY!!
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Much Love and hugs!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So I am going to work Magic

Well not exactly, but I am preparing to have a full magic show soon (HOPEFULLY) 
I took a leap of faith yesterday and bought a body wrap that is supposed to help tighten and tone skin- AND last for 2-6 months afterwards. I am going to be honest- i am completely skeptical on this. I have been working out and eating healthy since the beginning of the year and already down 10 lbs which is awesome- and I am not being unrealistic because I TOTALLY don't think I should be looking fabulous yet LMAO

But I have that dreaded mommy skin.  I KNOW you know what I am talking about- the stretched out- never seems to go back in place no matter how many crunches you try doing kind of skin. AND it doesn't help matters any that I am still fat- BUT I am figuring if this stuff works like the pics and testimonials say- Then it will be a jump start and motivator to help me get toned the way I want and need. 

So I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival at my door- and I will be the guinea pig. (Because I am not going to recommend you all waste money on it before knowing first hand it actually works LMAO) So cross fingers that I have an amazing after photo to share (because lord knows the before won't be LOL) And then maybe we will have something CLOSE to magic for us ;) HAHAHA

In designing news- I have a beautiful vintage valentine design coming out tomorrow: 

And we just reached 1,000 "likes" on the FB page- Which means a new gift will be coming VERY soon :) 

This week coming is chalked full of awesome stuff- Including Me So Scrappy's Every Day A Giveaway event! 
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And finally- since I am in the sharing kind of mood hahaha
There is a new site about to launch - Creative Market - that will be hosting mousemade graphics (If you love Colour Lovers you WON'T want to miss it) They will have brushes, textures, shapes- just about everything you could want to help stamp, embellish, and edit your layouts and photos. 
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 I need to get back to PS and Pandora to finish off my new FB gift for you all :) 
I hope you have a fabulous Hump Day!!!
And I will see you all in the am with some fabulous Creative Inpsiration