Friday, December 28, 2012

Sled Dog

 So sled riding in general today was a bust. This morning we woke with 3 croupy sounding kiddos and 1 horribly headache driven momma 0.o
I guess that comes with the territory of crazy weather for us all huh?
*And no worries, I totally sprayed the PC with you all shouldn't catch it from us LMAO* 

Roxy was the only one that was really perky and rearing to go she was still wanted to go play in the snow. Needless to say she needed a friend and Miss Bell was ready and eager LOL. 

Everytime she took her out, they went to the back hill and sled rode down it. I would say they both spent half the day out in it and loved every second. (That dog is braver than I am....I don't know if I would trust sitting in a sled with Roxy LOL)

So it was board games, medicine and blankets for the rest of us. 
I'll tell you this much....I got my Pixie dust stolen about a million times today!! (Girls got a tinkerbell game) Also Angry birds is not as much fun when you have to reset the pieces in place each time you want to fly the bird for destruction! 
I feel loads better already tonight, and the kids were hoarsing around before bed, so pretty positive it was the 24 hour type of thing.
I asked them Leza if they were up for another big sister and they were all adoption is a total yes in our book ROFLMAO.

On the 3rd and 4th day of Christmas....
I bring to you.........

Please note, the downloads are only available for 24 hours. 
These links will expire on December 28th at 11: 59 pm EST
At that point they will be revealed and placed into the shop. 

I am going to be planning and organizing my work schedule for the first quarter of next year tomorrow 0.o
Lots of things planned and hopefully everything goes amazingly :) 

I do have a few questions though.....
Would you prefer more chats or challenges from me? (Or both) 
AND What days/times are best for you all to attend events?
 Is there anything you would REALLY like me to focus on to help you along next year in the craft?   

Your answers will greatly help me with my planning and the events Sweet Digi Scraps hosts in the near future :)

Much Love!!


Arlene said...

Liz thanks for spraying the PC with lysol, hahaha! Although, too late. The bug has landed in our neck of the woods too. I feel awful. Bell sounds like she's fitting into your crazy household perfectly, and having a great ole time. Awesome. Thanks for today's gifts. Haven't peeked yet. Chats aren't really my thing, but I do love challenges. It's hard for me to name a time, as I tend to base my computer time depending on what shift my hubby is on. So I won't be much help you you planning-wise. :) Hope the your bug really was just the 24 hour kind.

Stacey said...

thanks for the amazing gifts! Glad everyone seems to be feeling better! hope everyone wakes up well! I like challenges as I usually miss chats, and that way I don't have a specific time to be online, usually have a few days to work at my own pace.

Shuckclod said...

Thank you for day 3 & 4. I have been down with a migraine for 2 days. Hope it will be gone in the morning. Too much sitting on Christmas Day. I am a nocturnal person, so I never get to do chats or challenges.

JeannieK said...

Many thanks for day 3 & 4!! Hope everyone is feeling more normal today! I'm like Stacey - no specific time on the pc, just whenever I can fit in 30 mins or so. Usually miss chats, so challenges work better for me. Thanks for asking!

Yez said...

Thanks for today's gifts! Seems like Bells is adjusting nicely. I don't have a specific time on the pc, but love to do challenges whenever possible.

Peggy said...

Thank you so much for all the gifts you have given to us. I like both chats and challenges. I usually can squeeze in a chat if it is in the evening, 8 or 9 est. Fridays are the best day for me. So many activities during the week. I also enjoy both your written and video tutorials.

Leza Krouwel said...

Lovely I'll pack my bags lamo thank you for todays downloads...I really must do some actual crafting at some point lol

Chris said...

Thank You Very Much for the Final(?)Christmas Downloads!
I am not sure about chats, I always seem to miss them. Challenges sound Interesting!

grannymike said...

I'm sorry most of your family has been sick, but I'm glad you are getting better. Thanks for the Lysol. I appreciate the extra care you took to keep the germs to yourselves. :) Thanks so much for the cute kit today as well as the QP. I really appreciate your generosity. As far as your question goes, I don't think my opinion should matter much as I have never remembered or managed to attend a chat, and I have seldom been brave enough to take on a challenge. Thanks for asking, however, and for all your cute and generous gifts this December.

Crystalnva said...

ODL Ive been down for the count popped on here tonight while waiting to see if my DD throwsup again and Ive missed day 1 & 2 but great news I did make it in time for day 3&4..yeah baby...Hope y`all do feel better ..We are belly problems & ear infections here...In the wood hills of Virginia its cold rainy & gloomy..All I want is the fireplace a quilt TV turner & a good book with NO INTERRUPTIONS!! seriously is that too much to ask ? Christmas crowd left early this year due to snow warnings I have`nt seen any yet..Liz I hear ya about the Lysol been spraying it on everything ..Bell taking a sled ride w/yDD is a sign that she`s gonna make it after all...Thank you for todays dl`s .
I miss chats Im not good at shelduled times challenges Im embarrassed of my work to up against y`alls but I would try it...I like the questions you ask and maybe you`d let us turn a question to you once in a while ?

teresaj said...

Sorry to hear ya'll are feeling under the weather. Thanks for not sharing it with us. Hope everyone gets better. I wish I had snow, just rain all week for us. Thanks for another lovely download. I like challenges since chats are usually during work time or when I'm trying to cook.