Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa?!? I just want to sleep!!

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Christmas = Amazing, fun, succesful, tasty, memorable, AWESOME, tiring, exhausting,

Yea those words work, I could probably think of a hundred more or so, but that will do LOL

So after my last blog post, I was up all night. First I did the presents under the tree, filled stockings, and wrapped the wonderful HUGE bag of presents I had forgotten about 0.o So my plan of not being up all night totally didn't pan out hahaha.
I got all the sweets I had baked packed in the car and boxed up all the cooking supplies I needed to put Christmas dinner together. (I did the hosting at Dad's house) And as I was leaving at 6 in the morning to go put the turkey in.....Roxy woke up. She screamed "Santa Came!!!!!" and woke up her sisters to come looking......

They all flew into the living room in no time flat......Not even enough time to fully wake up, Stevie came out eyes closed and sat there for a good 4/5 minutes before bothering to look at the tree.Ana came up, hugged me and says "I just want a hug mom" and then turned back to her bedroom and curled under her blanket without even looking at the tree HAHAHAHA
About two minutes later she turned back all excited.

This was my 5 minutes after wake up photo ROFLMAO

So I rushed off to pop the turkey in, and let them have at the stockings first. When I came back- we all got caught up in the excitement and paper flinging LOL - I did manage to grab a couple pictures...but mostly we were too busy trying to keep up hahaha:

Afterwards I went up to my Dad's to clean and cook, while the rest went off to another In-laws lunch. But after wrapping, cleaning and cooking the work and time away from them for the first part of the day turned out to be totally worth it.

The turkey and ham were both AMAZINGLY good. All the fixings and everything were just delicious. I sat at the "kids" table this year and the convos were so hilarious. I got to talk to my sweet (and sassy) niece and just enjoy the brilliant minds of children. We were gone til we couldn't take anymore- and the kids were WAY tired! LMAO
So after like 8:30 and getting the food put away and such....we came home to the disaster central LMAO
I opted for some snuggle time after some quick picking up here and there.
Well that snuggle time turned into snooze fest.
Me to Joe...."So how did things go at your Dads".....head hits pillow......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Turkey and Sleep Deprivation coma commenced! LMAO

O and in case you are wondering.....This is what I managed to get gifted to me this year for Christmas.

I soooooooooooooo Love my family and their gift for just "knowing" me! This momma will be looking and smelling fly, all while scrapping and apping up a storm this year ;)

I hope your Christmas was amazing!


Arlene said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading all that, but it sounds totally amazing. What a wonderful, busy day you had. Love all the pics. Our day wasn't nearly as crazy, lol, but we did get to spend time with my wonderful family in the evening and had a blast. After my niece's babies were all tucked into bed for the night, my sister and my niece and I spent a couple of hours gabbing, laughing, and snapping photos, while making paper snowflakes for the students of Sandy Hook. The guys wanted to get into the act, but they ended up having paper airplane contests, lol. (We're talking adults from age 30-65, haha.)

mnJenL said...

wow that does sound tiring. I know that I found a few gifts that I had forgotten to wrap last minute too! lol! oh well. it all gets done, they love everything and I took soooo many photos. How did puppy do in all the chaos?? We were disappointed our kitten didn't even wake up for gift unwrapping and paper flying! :)

Stacey said...

Glad you had an awesome Christmas! Tiring but oh so worth it!

Crystalnva said...

Exhaling............OMG I can`t even think of what to type first Sorry `bout you gutters but all~n~all it sounded like a blast...It was TOTAL CHAOS here too.What great memories huh!!!
from crystalnva

Tammy said...

Wow! I hope after all that you got some rest! I miss when my kids were that young and SO excited that early in the morning...well, not really... I like how they are a bit more patient and let me sleep ;) It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas :)

Chris said...

Sounds Like You had a Totally Brilliant Christmas!
The Photo's are So Cute!

LilGray said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Loved the pix... I had a good Christmas... I only had one present under the tree (Slippers from my Sister-in-law) but that's because I opted to get $50 towards digi-scrapbooking stuff... I bought a buy-my-store so I've been busy downloading... I got to spend the day with my parents and my dad gave me and my mom some fudge and he made homemade baked brie... YUMMY... all in all a great day with my family and then yesterday we went to visit my 96 year old Grandmother and I gave her the calendar I designed for her and I also gave her a Christmas card I designed and she said, "You made this." I was so stoked that she understood that I had had made them for her (She gets confused easily and doesn't always understand what's going on) She looked good though and it was great getting to spend time with her. I wish she lived closer so I could go visit her everyday, but oh well. Anyhow... I also just wanted to say thank you to you for all the great gifts you've been giving us this Christmas season. They're all great and I can't wait to use them! I hope you and your family have a Happy and safe New Year! Oh and sorry to hear about your gutters... at least it wasn't something more serious. Happy New Year!