Saturday, December 22, 2012

22 Days down!

WE'RE ALIVE!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I was having my own little celebration of being alive and all ( I had no fear we WERE going to die- but I mean, I celebrated Y2K :)
So during my own little grove of crafting, eatting some sweets and watching Army Wives (THANK YOU NETFLIX for season 6) 
This wind kicks up, howling like a wolf. Shakes the house and it is continous. I would almost swear it was the exact same sound from when the Derecho hit this past summer.  The the lights flickered and the net/tv went out 0.o

Needless to say- it became a not so easy night! LMAO I was about -this- close to curling up in a fetal position and crying for mommy. ROFLMAO
 It's so weird how we can spook ourselves over the little things. (And I will totally admit I am the first to panic in the pitch black if I step on a twig ROFLMAO)

Anyways- Waking up this morning made the whole howling and such worth it. The ground was covered in beautiful snow and we got to have some awesome family fun out in it today! for Dallas until he fell face first and decided he really wasn't that fond of the cold stuff after all.
*Below is the explanation of....."Daddy its COLE" LMAO


Tonight's download is another portion to the collection gift that will last up until Christmas Day. It is rather large so it has been broken up into sections. 
With 22 down and only 3 to go: 
Please note this download will remain valid for 24 hours.
 Until December 22nd 11:59 pm EST
 At that point, it will be revealed, placed in the shop and a new gift will be given. 

And for those that missed yesterday's gift- here is what was hiding inside: 

It is now available in my shop for just $1
Don't forget my new release, on sale for 30% off in my shop until Monday. 

Tomorrow we are getting an early Christmas present for the kiddos. I stumbled upon the most precious puppy, and well.......My heart melted and I think the kids' will to. So we are going to pick her up tomorrow so she can enjoy the holidays with us :)

For everyone traveling or starting your journeys for the holidays- I wish you a very VERY Merry Christmas!! Be safe, eat loads of goodies and enjoy yourself!

Much Love!


mnJenL said...

omg a puppy for Christmas!!!! yay! Have lots and lots of fun. :)

Arlene said...

Liz I've really enjoyed all of your stories over the past 3+ weeks. You are an amazing mother and talented designer. Thanks for sharing so much and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Best of luck with your new puppy.

Rylea said...

I too, think you ARE ONE AMAZING MOM, person and friend and so blessed to have you in our life. I happen to think you might be a wee bit better then all the vanilla and milk you could add to a glass of Pepsi....and your heart has to be bigger then all outdoors. Thank You for being You Angelgirl. So lucky to have you in my world. And now a it a golden? can't wait to see pictures of it and the kids faces when they see it. OMgoodness how fun.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...I was up late last night as well. Our cable flickering off was my sign that it was time to go to bed. Ironic that it happened at your house as well. :)


Becs said...

Thanks for todays freebie!! Enjoy your new puppy!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the new puppy - I'm sure your children will be thrilled!!

Thank you for today's gift.


Tammy said...

I love your stories! You totally make me laugh! Oh boy...bringing home a puppy for Christmas! You're brave!! :) Enjoy!
Thank you so much for today's gift!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this download...

Kerri said...

Whenever you mention snow, I remember you making snow ice (is that what you called it) one year - did you make it for Dallas?
Have a great Christmas

Shuckclod said...

Thank you Liz for day 22. We are also having crazy wind. I do not do well with no power. It was out for 3 1/2 hours on Monday and I took a nap. I never nap! I get bored real easy. I would have went outside and built something, but is was pouring. :( The kids and Dad look like they had fun. I miss my Mom too! Have a great Saturday.

Crystalnva said...

Thank You ;~} for todays DL...We had wind also but now snow..Good luck with the puppy your kids are gonna break their faces from smiling soooo get a picture of that for us ok...Rylea vanille & milk in pepsi sounds like a Laverne thing she used to drink....hehehe
My dish washers gonna hate me time to put in the second load for this morning Ive been cooking & storing ....Great Holiday wishes to all & please stay SAFE !!!!

Yez said...

OMG a puppy, what a nice Christmas present! The children are probably going to be thrilled. Would love to see pics. Thank you for today's gift!

Nancy said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts! Your generousity is appreciated.

JeannieK said...

Thank you for sharing your daily adventures! It's been fun waking up in the mornings reading your blog! Best wishes to you with a puppy! Did that 5 years ago (got a brother and sister born just a month before Christmas). The male is so good - the little girl, omg what a princess! She demands so much attention and is the pickiest eater ever!
Thanks for today's wonderful gift!
Tip: buy some baby crib pads for potty training! They make life much easier when it's raining or so cold that puppy doesn't want to go out! Good luck! :)

R2P2 said...

We had crazy wind, too, but alas, no snow! I wouldn't have minded a dusting. :) Enjoy playing with the puppy! How sweet.

marsie55 said...

Thank you for today's gift! OMG how spooky what with all the end of the world stuff, lol!! I am such a coward when it comes to the elements .. I would have been shaking in my boots :) Have fun with the new puppy .. can't wait to see pics .. your day of play looks like it was heaps of fun!

Chris said...

Thank You for Today's Download!
It is Quite Amazing the capacity we have to frighten ourselves!
But the reverse is Our Capacity for Courage and Calm in a difficult situation, Which is also Amazing!

TR said...

Thank you very much for today's download. Your snow photos are such fun!

Stacey said...

thanks for the awesome gift! love the pictures! glad for another day - LOL -

Deb Burroughs said...

Thanks for the freebie! We had two days and one night of that horrid wind and got a dusting of snow. Congratulations on the new family member! Don't forget to post photos!

Jill said...

Thanks so much for these fabulous Advent gifts! I missed yesterday thanks to a power outage but I'm happy to be up and running again!

I also thought you might like to see my Christmas card because I used Mistletoe to create it:

Robinsismai said...

Thank you so much Liz! I am enjoying your blog so much that I will be stopping by regularly after the holidays! I wish I could meet you in person because I think we could be great friends!