Monday, November 26, 2012

Mark your Calendars, and a Rewind!

Saturday marks a huge celebration time for me, and I couldn't be more excited about it this year. December is the month where I give back to you, as a thank you for all your support, patronage and memories shared throughout the past year. The countdown to Christmas starts, and what better way to count down the holidays than with an advent calendar full of goodies. 

To those that are new to the holiday events , Welcome! I am so glad to have you joining in the festivities this year! And to those that are rejoining from year's prior- I hope that this year is just as much fun, if not more so, than the previous years. 

This marks year 6! I can't believe I am actually typing that out- time surely flies. I have been busy preparing kits, templates, alphas and even added holiday tutorials for this year's event. (Today and tomorrow are actually taping days for me) 

For those that are new, or need a little refresher- Here is what you can expect: 
Each day a new gift will go up at midnight EST starting on the 1st. 
 The gift will remain a secret and "wrapped" because, to me that is one of the best part's of getting a gift- The surprise behind it. Each gift will remain available for 24 hours ONLY (unless there is a problem on my end, or the internet - and the exception of Christmas Eve, Day and Day after) They will be available on the countdown days they coordinate with. After the time is up on each gift, it will be revealed and placed into the shop for just $1 for the remainder of the events. 

The items will NOT all be holiday related. My goal is to give you a scrap supply stash of items you can use all year long- and for just about everything you can think of. 
Throughout the event, I will also be sharing some of my favorite holiday tricks, gifts, deals and more. 

To kick off the countdown - TO the countdown :) I have a special Cyber Monday offer for anyone that missed out on some of the gifts in the past. I have bundled up 15 of the past event gifts together (over a $60 value) for just $5 dollars for this week.

So mark your calendars, it all starts December 1st!
Much Love


Anonymous said...

I can't wait...I reposted this today as well. Hope this finds you and yours doing ok. I am feeling so much better and hope you r 2.

Goog said...

I am CRAZY excited!!