Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What to say

Scrapbooking is an amazing craft that allows us to create albums that go above and beyond your average photo books. We get to add gorgeous embellishments, awesome titles and even tell our stories right there on the pages along with our photos. 

This is the biggest thing that got me into scrapbooking. I have a HUGE box of old family photos. Ones that date back to great great's I believe....the problem is, I have NO clue who they are, what's going on in the photos or how they are really related to my past. It's sad actually- I find photos and like to dream up what they were like......
But I REFUSE for my kids to have that problem when they get older. I want to them to be able to look at my albums and read just how things were, how the feelings and moods where at the time, what really was going on and what impact it had on them and others. Journaling is my way of doing this. 

If any of you have looked at my layouts, you will know that I love to talk. (Well that applies in many factors of life - but let's keep it digi ;) Very rarely do a do a layout that has no journaling....they always have a least a couple lines to describe something about the layout or photos. 

Here are some things that I do to help my journaling along- and I hope that they too can help you get your stories down on the page!

1: Run through the basics- Who, What, When, Where and How
I answer those questions on almost all the pages so that the most common questions that would come from the family later in life is answered for them. 

2: How did the moment of the photos impact me/them
If the photos are something of an event- I describe the feelings, the mood of the moment and even the reactions that came from the event. 

3: For General photos : Pick a dream/wish/inspirational topic you want them to know. 
If you could tell them right now anything you want them to remember in life...what would it be? Jot it down so that you never go without making it known. 

4: For self explanatory photos- Do a basic run down
Photos that tell the story all on their own, I usually go with a witty title that matches the story and add a date to the layout somewhere of when the photos were taken. 

5:  Create some journal specific type layouts. 
These type of layouts can be created specifically for telling the story of the moment- Goals, Top 10's of the moment, Secret messages you want to pass on when they get older or read the books

6:  Some of the bad moments that made you/them stronger
These are generally layouts you might want to share in galleries, or maybe they are. It is important and sometimes very theraputic to create journaling pages that share big struggles you have overcome or someone special has. These will leave inspirational stories behind and also let your readers know more about their past when they look back at them.

7: Go with your Gut!
When you are at a loss for what to write....look at the layout you are working on- or the photos you are working with. What does your gut tell you? Maybe it's how you are feeling about the layout in the moment you are scrapping it.....or maybe it stirs up a memory from long ago. Trust your gut...it will tell you the stories you want your family to know. 

Here are some journaling layouts to help inspire you to get writing!


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paperpapier said...

thank you for the tips...I am always stuck with journaling.