Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Using Alpha and Element Sheets

If you haven't already noticed in this industry, everyone has a different way of doing things. The same comes with designing/designers. Some kits will contain individual PNG files for everyone, some will contain a sheet of elements or alphas. I myself am a sheet kind of girl, and this is simply because I am a sheet kind of scrapper. I found that in the program I use, it is easier. It is less time consuming to get all that I need from a sheet at one time, rather then opening and copy/pastinge, then closing 10 different elements/letters. Especially in the case where I am doing a title that is something like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" - not that I would- but I have been rather lengthy in my titles before. 

Anyways- I wanted to provide a little tutorial of how I personally use Sheet alphas to save time and scrap quicker. This method is not usable in some scrap specific softwares such as My Memories, Scrapbook Flair or Scrapbook Max etc- THAT I know of. However it is good for PSE, PSP, GIMP and CS softwares. 

The tool used in this is your selection tool. (This is found in the top left of your tools and looks much like a magic wand)

First open your sheet of alphas or elements that you are going to be using: 

Then you want to use your selection tool (I prefer using the rectangle shape feature of the tool) and click and drag around one of the items you wish to use from the sheet

Next, while you have the marching ants around your first selection, you want to hold down the shift key and then repeat the above step around all the other items you wish to use as well. You should then see marching ants around only your letters/elements of choice

Copy this selection and then paste onto the layout/paper/project that you wish to use them on. Go ahead and apply your drop shadow to all the letters at this time as well.

Now you want to go to the selection tool once again, and drag around the first letter you wish to use. Once it has the marching ants selection, use your move tool and drag it to the section of the layout/project where you want it to be placed. Once it is in place, use the select tool to drag around the next letter/element and then move it to where you want it to be as well. Automatically it will layer the second selection on the first.

If you want to rotate, move down a layer or even need a duplicate of a letter/element- You can easily do this while having the letter selected. 
Go the layer selection on the right hand bottom and right click on the layer. You will then have options to move down a layer, move up a layer, duplicate etc. If needing to rotate just promote selection layer and it will then become a stand alone layer. 

and then TADDA- you just created title work without opening 10 different files and doing drop shadows 10 times or copy/pasting ten times :) 

**If you plan on threading elements within your letters, do the last step to promote to a new layer once you have it in place. This will allow each letter to be in individual layers for layering. **
Tutorial made with "Three Rs"

Hope you found this useful!
Much Love


Teresa Smith said...

This is really helpful!! Thank you sooo much!
And your work is beautiful :)

shawnyrvr said...
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shawnyrvr said...

Liz: I shared the link to this tutorial over here at PixelScrapper. http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/digital-scrapbooking-discussion/do-you-get-frustrated-using-alphas-on
Thanks for sharing this awesome tip!

Shannon said...

Great tutorial...thank you!