Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Daze

Well my "summer" will officially be over next week (Tuesday to be exact) when the girls go back to school. I am guessing that this is the same for most of you as well (if not already)

It is bittersweet. In one way I am sad because this is my reality check that my babies are getting older and I can't just love on them and spend fun time with them forever. On the other hand though, I am screaming for joy that I will finally get a little bit of peace in the household during the afternoons!! While I love my kiddos to death, it has been a crazy summer full of "He Did/She Said" stuff that has made me a prime candidate for referee of the year  LOL

A lot happened this summer that just makes it seem like the last 3 months flew by. I was thinking about it last week and realized I have only scrapped the surface of our activities this year. I desperately need to catch up, and in a huge way- Then the inspiration hit me- a Summer in Review design....something to help us all catch up on the summer blur. 

So I bring you the brand new "Summer Daze" collection. Containing a little bit of everything in versatile colors to help you create some great recap layouts of all the things you did. It is available this week 20% off

 Here is some fabulous inspiration from the Sweeties to get the creative juices flowing: 
 By Sherry

 By Danna                           By Sherry
 By Andrea

And for a limited time you can pick up the entire collection 40% off

If you're up to it- I also have a challenge going on right now. Stop by the forum and pick up this FREE coordinating template to create your own fab "In Review" layout!

Also, for those back to school photos, there is still time to grab up "Back In Session" on the facebook page
and coordinating alpha here on the blog.

I hope you love this new collection as much I do. New Sweeties will be announced the weekend AND I will be gearing up for the new "Sweet Digi News" newsletter (you can get yourself signed up here)- so stay tuned!
Much love and hugs

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Jennifer fay said...

very nice scrapbook pages. I want to get into scrapbooking in the fall when my kids go to school. Coming right up.
I know what you mean by referee. I've had to constantly break up my two girls fighting over the littlest things.
As much as I love them home in the summer, there is truth in the fact that they need to go back to school. Could you imagine if they were home all year long all day? They would be bored to tears and wouldn't learn anything.