Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art Styling

When it comes to creating an art journal page or art styled layout, there really is no rules. Art is subjective and it's all about playing around, going with what you are feeling and showing it off in your page. To be frank, this is the messiest type of scrapping ever, but the end results are something quite amazing!

Even though there are no rules, there are TOOLS! Any design can be used to create art type layouts, as all the tools you need are at your disposal in your program and scrap stash. For this I will be referencing back to the blending/masking tutorial, as those tools are key to making your page really come to life.

First you want to open up the background paper you want to work on, and then choose a handful of ink splats, smears, glitter smudged, grungey masks etc.

You can also use your paint brush tool for this. You will want a splatter/grunge type of brush. Repetition is a key factor in creating the "art look" to your page. You can easily use your brush as a stamp, just change your rotation in the brush variance tool bar (This is at the top of your brush window in Adobe, and on the side bar in PSP- You can also find this section by going to View- Pallettes-Brush Variance)

NOW GET MESSY!! - Move your items around on your page and stamp away

Fonts/Wordart/Alphas are a HUGE part of creating your art pages. Mix and match alphas and fonts throughout your page. You can also do HUGE wording with fonts and change your oppacity using your blending options (As covered in the blending/masking tutorial)

Messy Cutting is also a big trend in creating art pages. Trim away excess of your photos (as covered in the blending tutorial) or go with un even cuts. 

Next step- Embellish away!!!
Great art layout elements are sequins, beads, tape, wires, stamps, stitches, word labels and flourishes
 As I said, there are no rules to how much or how little you put on your layout. Don't be afraid to play around- Almost all art layouts look a tad "ick" when they are first started....but as long as you keep going you will find it turns out to be an amazing work of art!!!

Some things to remember: Shadow like it was paper in front of you. Things like doodles, fonts, stamps, paint etc. end up flat on a piece of paper when you are working with it hands on. In order to really "art" up your layout these things should also appear as they are laying on the paper itself as well. 

Here are a couple more layouts that use this very same technique to spark some ideas:
using Delightful     using SO Grab Bag
by Megan Turnidge     by SO Designers

I hope this has inspired you to go find your inner artist- take the plunge and GET MESSY!!!!
**Tutorial created using "Find Yourself : The Artist"**

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