Friday, August 31, 2012

Kashmir Collab and freebies :)

Recently I had the pleasure of FINALLY collabing with one of my favoritist designers and friends ever. When I asked her "What do we design" She gave me a list of things.....her daughter's birthstone being one of them. Wait a second....sapphires? Really?? That's MY daughter's birthstone as well (all three of em ;) So it just was meant to be. 

What came of it is a gorgeous and vibrant design that is sure to be perfect for any type of layout. And the inspiration that has been made with it so far??? Well it has completely blown me away to say the least. 

Right now you can pick up this amazing collab 30% off through the weekend

And here is some sweet inspiration to get your ideas churning!

Also be sure to head on over to Facebook where you can get TWO fabulous add on's to our collab!

Now if you are wondering who won the "Guess and Win" - It was Robin and Peggy as both of them are the only ladies to guess my guest store correctly :) 
Stay tuned tomorrow for a blog train freebie, an amazing new release announcement AND if you are signed up for the newsletter- you will also be getting another awesome free gift :) 

Much love and hugs- Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art Styling

When it comes to creating an art journal page or art styled layout, there really is no rules. Art is subjective and it's all about playing around, going with what you are feeling and showing it off in your page. To be frank, this is the messiest type of scrapping ever, but the end results are something quite amazing!

Even though there are no rules, there are TOOLS! Any design can be used to create art type layouts, as all the tools you need are at your disposal in your program and scrap stash. For this I will be referencing back to the blending/masking tutorial, as those tools are key to making your page really come to life.

First you want to open up the background paper you want to work on, and then choose a handful of ink splats, smears, glitter smudged, grungey masks etc.

You can also use your paint brush tool for this. You will want a splatter/grunge type of brush. Repetition is a key factor in creating the "art look" to your page. You can easily use your brush as a stamp, just change your rotation in the brush variance tool bar (This is at the top of your brush window in Adobe, and on the side bar in PSP- You can also find this section by going to View- Pallettes-Brush Variance)

NOW GET MESSY!! - Move your items around on your page and stamp away

Fonts/Wordart/Alphas are a HUGE part of creating your art pages. Mix and match alphas and fonts throughout your page. You can also do HUGE wording with fonts and change your oppacity using your blending options (As covered in the blending/masking tutorial)

Messy Cutting is also a big trend in creating art pages. Trim away excess of your photos (as covered in the blending tutorial) or go with un even cuts. 

Next step- Embellish away!!!
Great art layout elements are sequins, beads, tape, wires, stamps, stitches, word labels and flourishes
 As I said, there are no rules to how much or how little you put on your layout. Don't be afraid to play around- Almost all art layouts look a tad "ick" when they are first started....but as long as you keep going you will find it turns out to be an amazing work of art!!!

Some things to remember: Shadow like it was paper in front of you. Things like doodles, fonts, stamps, paint etc. end up flat on a piece of paper when you are working with it hands on. In order to really "art" up your layout these things should also appear as they are laying on the paper itself as well. 

Here are a couple more layouts that use this very same technique to spark some ideas:
using Delightful     using SO Grab Bag
by Megan Turnidge     by SO Designers

I hope this has inspired you to go find your inner artist- take the plunge and GET MESSY!!!!
**Tutorial created using "Find Yourself : The Artist"**

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sneak Peek and Guess to Win

I have been busy getting an awesome new collection ready for my guest store opening in September. It is 11 packs and just chalked full of amazing scrap  goodness. The sweeties are getting the pieces this week to work on some inspiration for you all, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to expect. 

This is just the tip of the ice burg so to speak, as there is LOTS more to this that I just can't show....yet ;)
But you can win ALL of it before it is even released!!! Just post in the comment section where you think I will be guesting in September and I will do a random drawing next Wednesday at 12 pm EST from all those that guessed correct and 2 lucky scrappers will get it ALL!

Good Luck!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Destination : The Past and $1 sale

I am so very excited to bring you this week's release. I had a request for a vacation specific kit, but also one for a heritage kit.....So I figured why not put them together and make something that works really well for both!

And here is some fabulous inspiration from the Creative Sweeties!
  by  Andrea
by Sherry
by Mary
by Poki
by Sherry
by Rene
by Judy

Right now you can pick up Desitination : The Past for 20% off thru 8/30
and while you're there, check out the Snack Bar where I have added 2 collections great for back to school moments for just $1.00 each

The snack bar closes 8/27

 Until tomorrow when I bring you some awesome new free goodies and a sneak peek to an amazing upcoming collection that I have been busy preparing for my upcoming guest shop. 
Much Love!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wild Card 822

Wild Card Wednesday, yes, it's back!! What is it? Well its basically anything to be honest. Whatever the feeling of the week is, that is what Wild Card will bring. Sometimes it will be a gift, a challenge, a technique, tutorial or even some everyday tips that have absolutely nothing to do with scrapbooking. It's all in the cards and each Wednesday I will pull some and blog about it. (Previously this was done in a chat)

So what is in the cards this week? School and organization.

Yesterday was the first day back for the girls. They were so excited and ready to run through those doors and be back in the classroom. Mommy on the other hand was rather sad and lost at first with all the quiet. (But I do believe this is something I could definitely get used to ;)

 And with that blown kiss goodbye, they were off to start this brand new adventure.

I am sure you are sick of hearing back to school....or maybe you're not :) For those in the Southern part of the world school has been in full swing for awhile now where we in the north are just getting a fresh start on the new year. No matter which effects you, it is sure to be changing the way you schedule. After school activities are now on the books, appointments have to be made around the school schedule and things just end up topsy turvy if you aren't organized. (I should know, I have extreme scheduling issues) 

I have gone through loads of different planners and systems to get one that just works like cake for me. Finally I am pretty sure I have found THE one. The process to get here though, was much like choosing the perfect wedding gown....and I seriously became a bridezilla in the sense. I started  a thread about this and was looking for just the perfect way to keep everything in just one place and Google Calendar seemed to be getting the highest rave- So I thought why not try this. I had after all done the paper planners, digi "easy planner", my phone's built in calendar and charts. (Really charts were overflowing my house and it was a bigger mess than trying to just remember things) 

Everything is color coded, it was easy to put repeating items in the system, and I can seriously add everything to it without having a huge mess. The best part? The text reminders!!! Not only does it help remind me....but when I loose my calendar helps me find it :) LOL

But I seriously add everything to it. Meal plan, chores, work, outside appointments etc. It's an excellent tool for staying on task and getting things organized and DONE! What I love most about it- is that it sends me an awesome text reminder every other day to take out some time to SCRAP! I make sure to make some time each week to do what we all love to do, document life and preserve the memories in the making :)

It hasn't completely taken over the chart I still keep those going as they work best for the kids. Chore chart is still hanging on the bedroom door and below it a calendar with all the events that involve them. The awesome creative Sweetie Sara also does chart/calendar planning for her little one and has been so kind as to offer one of her pages she made for all of you to use!

We both hope you enjoy!
Tomorrow I will be here bringing a new release and some goodies :)
Here is a peek at what is in store
created by Sherry

Much Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blending and Masks

One of the biggest stumpers with scrapping for me was (and still is) blending. Using masks to blend papers, photos and even word art pieces to layouts is an ever changing thing. The trick to getting these items "just right" is more of a guessing game than anything. Darker papers require different blending modes than lighter ones, same for photos as well. 

There are however, some things to remember to make the process easier and faster for you. Burn/Mutiply/Darken causes the layer you are blending on to darken up. Softlight/Luminance/Dodge causes the layer you are blending on to take the shape/colors of your blend layer in a "washed out" appearance. Overlay/Dissolve will simply fade the layer you are trying to blend into your background. 

So let's cover the basic steps on using blending on your layout to really make it pop. For this example I am using the mask in "Totally Grunge" and the free kit "Perfect U" that will be going out in Friday's newsletter

Using grunge/stamps/masks/ink smudges are a great way to give your layout a whole new light. You can use them "as is" to blend onto your paper/elements OR You can use them as clipping masks. 

To use a mask for clipping papers- First you want to open the mask/grunge/stamp/ink that you want to use. 

Copy and paste this onto your paper/layout

Next select the item (Paper/photo) you wish to clip to the mask and paste it on your layout as well. You will then have the mask under the item you wish to clip. 

Next you can either select the mask with your "magic wand" and then promote the selection layer off the layer you wish to clip. Or you can simply hit CTRL+G (if working in adobe)

Once you have your item clipped - Select your clipped item in the layer section on the bottom right. The blend mode will show as "Normal" - You can change this to get the desired look. 
For the example I used overlay

Once you have the mode selection, you can play with the oppacity of the layer to control the look. Once you're finished, complete your layout and you have just given it a new "inked" distressed look. 

Now- if you are wanting to blend photos into your layout/paper you have 4 different options to get your photo clipped for blending. Unless you are wanting a square shape inked/blending in- you will need to get rid of the excess photo around your subject. This can be done by:

1 You can use the actual mask feature in your program and select one of the many presets available. 

2. You can use the method above and clip to your own mask/smudge/smear

3. You can use a grunge brush (or circular brush with softened edges) to erase the section of the photo around your subject.

4. Using your "magic wand" as the lasso/freehand selector. Set your feathering to approximately 30 and trace around your subject (This does NOT have to be a neat selection, you can bump up the feathering if you don't have a steady hand to get close to the details)

Once you have your photo selected around the area- You are back in play mode. Select your blend layer to get the desired look above (And remember the rules of thumb of which blend mode does what) When doing photos, you may want to go with a softer blending mode, and duplicating the layer. This will help enhance your image details so that it does not disappear into the background.

So I hope this has helped and maybe even inspired you to create a layout with blending. Don't be afraid to play around, duplicate, cut etc- It is after all digi ;) 
O the Joys of "Undo"

Happy Scrapping!