Monday, July 2, 2012

Luck be a Lady

Or at least this lady. I have seen my fair share of thunderstorms and floods, blizzards and ice storms in this part of Ohio. Crazy weather is a normal for us it seems anymore- but I had not seen anything like what the past weekend brought. We had "micro-bursts" before, which is basically a tiny tornado with damaging winds- but this weekend was like an inland hurricane. 

We (my family and myself) were very very fortunate this weekend as we managed to dodge the storm by literal feet- and still kept our power. Many in our town were not, however, and suffered major damages to both homes and cars, and most are still without power facing this insane heat wave that is also going on. 

Our area has been declared in a "State of Emergency"  and here is why:

I just know that I am thanking the good lord that we managed a skip in this all. I hope that everyone out there is staying safe and cool in this crazy weather that is effecting all over. From hurricanes, derechos, fires, heat, whatever it may be. 

I do have MUCH Happier news to share however. This month me and Jen Yurko are providing an awesome collab over at Scrap TakeOut for FREE! Each week a new download will be available and the first part is already up :) 

Also I am hosting this month's Wordart Challenge over at Scrap TakeOut as well and have this for you to download: 

The Diner's Club is out for July and I am part of it :) This month you can grab up SIX goodies for 6 bucks- This is what I have inside the diner's club: 
After the end of the month, it will be available in my store to purchase.

And last but not least- I am working on an awesome new HUGE gift for the facebook page since we are just a few away from hitting 2,000! I will be posting a sneak peek soon, along with this weeks coming release sneak peeks as well :) 

I hope you all stay safe! 
Much Love and Hugs <3


Robinsismai said...

So happy to hear that you & your family are safe!

Shuckclod said...

Glad your family and property are safe. Fires and storms effecting our USA. Hopefully PG&E or whatever Co. your guys have, get things going quickly. They can take a long time here in CA. Stay safe and I did get week 1 of the collab. Jne posted on FB.