Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mom's Diner

This past week I have ventured out and tried a few new things (food wise) and tomorrow will be another day of something new. A little while back my favorite Chinese restaurant closed up and left me in the cold on my favorite foods of all time. 

When I save favorite foods....we are talking this was my ONLY take out food for the longest time...sometimes 3/4 times a month I would eat from there.When the kids wanted pizza, I would order Chinese for myself LOL.  They had a really sweet but tangy taste to their general tso's chicken, and a super delish sweet and sour sauce that was a perfect bright red, and just spot on (for my tastes). The Lomein from there.....o my goodness don't get me started!!!! It was the absolute best "American-Chinese" ever- and after a few months I am just craving it so badly that I have went on a hunt for the perfect recipe to replicate it.

I have managed to find a way to replicate their "garlic chicken" and pinapple chicken this week by trying different switch ups to this General's recipe found online and managed to make a fried rice similar to Panda Expresses'.....but I am still hunting for that general's chicken! So if anyone out there knows of a recipe that makes the general's chicken that is the same red as a cooked chilli pepper and more of a sweeter taste PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! LOL - 

Tomorrow I am also trying something new thanks to Sherry's amazing photos of her homemade loaves. I have made my own bisquits, banana nut bread and sweets before, but this will be a whole new experience and I am excited to bake some up with the girlies. - And even more anxious to take some photos to scrap with the new kit :)

I did manage to create one layout with the request winning kit- Mom's Diner of Miss Stevie Rae: 

And the reason why I am about to try some loaf baking tomorrow is because of this layout :) 

 And the other sweeties have been busy creating some fabulous layouts as well this this week's new release:

 Created by Andrea                       Created by Sherry
Created by Nikki                                Created by Jen

You can pick up Mom's Diner at Scrap Takeout and A Cherry On Top  20% off this weekend as well!

I also re-released one of my favorite patriotic kits this week at Scrap TakeOut. So Liberty is also available 20% off until the 4th of July. So if your planning up a 4th of July blast this fun kit would be a great use for hybrid invitations or decorations. 

Here are some awesome inspirational layouts from the Sweeties showcasing this kit: 

Be sure to mark your calendars for Next Friday- I will be kicking off my 5 year designaversay - If that is a word :) And All of July you will be getting  a whole month full of a goodies to help set year six off on the right foot. 

So if you haven't signed up for the ScrapTakeOut newsletter- you might want to do so- since I will be giving away a free gift through next week :)  Plus there are new goodies given each week...and well- Who doesn't like free goods :)

Much Love and Hugs!

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Rylea said...

I know your bread baking will go smoothly, and infact will have fun, cuz I can't believe anything you do flops. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out..... Luv ya 2