Friday, June 8, 2012

Lucy Lips

So the other day I had mentioned that school had ended and the girls had brought home their awards. With the addition to a math whiz and science award- Miss Roxy also brought home the "Lucy Lips" award. Once I seen it I just shook my head and laughed because it is SO her. I have never in my life met such a chatty girl, but I love her dearly for it. 

Of course I had to scrap about it- and figured since I wasn't the only person with a chatty cathy- I decided to make a design  inspired by miss Roxy :) - So this week I bring you

And here is the scrap page I created of Miss Roxanna and her award :)
 The sweeties also have some chatter boxes and I am just in love with their pages as well!: 
 By Nikki                                       By Danna

 By Andrea                                            By Sherry

You can get Lucy Lips this weekend on sale at both ScrapTakeOut and ACherryOnTop

Also this week I have re-released A Good Read at ScrapTakeOut as well as the coordinating Wordy Bits. Both of those are also on sale this weekend

And here is some awesome inspiration from the Creative Sweeties!
By Nikki                                                By Danna

I am still working on the awesome 50's diner kit and will have a sneak peek for you this weekend!
hope you all have a fabulous friday!
Much Love and Hugs!


Arlene said...

hahaha - loved your post. I was a Lucy Lips back in the day too, but never got an award for it! Sweet kit. I'm really looking forward to your 50's diner sneak peak too.

Dawn said...

Aww - that's so sweet - thanks for the lovely facebook freebie too! I do not think we have this award in the UK (not in any school I've worked with anyway) but I can think of a few I would have awarded it to LOL