Friday, June 1, 2012

Anyone for some Take Out?

A few weeks back I had posted on the facebook page that I had some sad news.....but some exciting news at the same time :) 
It was at that point the ladies over at Scrap Take Out had contacted me about being part of the team.....and also the moment I had chosen to depart from Me So Scrappy. I won't lie- I was a tad bit hesitant because moving is always hard and a lot of work too (Whether its physical objects or digital it all applies) 
But once I got in there and found out who was hanging out and who I would be working was just like one of those moments when you are looking at a house and go THIS IS IT!!!
Yep just like that :) 

This month is not only my grand opening at Scrap Take Out, but also my 5 year design anniversary. And throughout the past the 5 years I have come across some fabulous people and have been through the ropes a time or two. And to have STO find me, and it having some of the fabulous people I have known since almost day one...just speaks volumes of fate to me. 

So I have tons of announcements and release news for you all.....So here we go :) 

Everything in my Scrap Take Out store will be 30% off for opening week- The discount is applied once the item is added to the cart - This includes the brand new releases and a handful of newer prior releases. 

Are you ready to see the full previews of this weeks releases? 
Brand new this week 
And here is some awesome inspirations from the Sweeties:

And Also Brand New This Week 
 And here is some awesome inspirations from the Sweeties:

I am also hosting the mini kit challenge this month at Scrap Take Out- so that means I have another awesome gift for you all! Just stop by the forum and you can pick up this mini kit: 

And if you participate in the challenge and upload a layout using the mini kit- You will not only get points to go shopping with in the store- but also another little gift from me :)

AND....In case you are feeling a little chatty :) I am also hosting a couple chats this weekend as well. 

First is the Early Bird Speed Scrap- this is for the early risers AND a time that I could find to accomodate my international friends as well :) 
It will take place HERE at 8am EST Saturday June 2nd. 

BUT IF your not an early riser- OR You just want to have some crazy late night fun- I will also be hosting a Midnight Madness Chat that will just be talk about scrap things, jokes, questions...popcorn fights and ice cream eating :) 
It will take place HERE at 11:59 pm EST Saturday June 2nd

*I totally plan on taking a nap in between chats LOL*

I will be going back to my regularly hosted chats as well this month- So I added a schedule button where you can check out what is coming up all month long 

Much Love and Hugs to you all
and I hope to see you around the forums :) 


Jac said...

I am SOOOO thrilled to see you at STO! Congratulations! And woot for chats/scraps (although I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be at the 8am one ;) )! Congrats again Liz, I'm honestly so happy for you!

Shuckclod said...

Congrats Liz, going to the store to enter my info, so it is ready to go. Thank you for the mini. Have a great weekend...

KandiceD said...

Congrats Liz, never been there but I'd follow you!