Sunday, May 27, 2012

Winner Winner.....Chicken Diner?

Okay that was completely corny, but I am Liz after all and much of what I say normal comes out in the goof ball way :) 

I am doing two separate posts tonight because I want to keep separate the digi and personal items (plus it makes it easier for those to find which it is that they want to read)

So lets get on with it shall we...because this means there is some designing in my immediate future coming. 
The drawing details stated that not ONLY would you win the two kits coming out June 1st, but also a custom made kit of your dreams. So I went through and used to generate a numbered list of all those comments that included their dream kit wish. 
 Used the number generator to pick one of the lucky 13:

And TADDA! We got a winner!!! Congratulations Nancy!!
I came back to the blog to check the comments and I couldn't be more excited to work on a 50's diner themed kit! I actually did one WAAAAAAY back when I first started designing (which I retired long ago ;) But it will be nice to do a switch up to something super fun!
So email me at sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will get you the links to the new kits PLUS get the details of things you want to see in your custom kit and I'll get it started :) (Look for a June 8th release of it everyone!)

here is just a couple extra big peeks from the talented sweeties Danna and Nikki

I am closing up my shoppe at Me So Scrappy this month. May 31st will be my last day there. I have marked down everything in the shoppe $1/$2 until the remainder of the month, so now would be an awesome time to stock up on the things that were on your wish list. (As some of the items will be going away for good)
If you do not see something you were REALLY eye balling, no worries- I have just removed those to get them ready to be re-released in my new shop.

Tonight at midnight there will be the other post updating on the family, as well as the second part of Sun Splash posted on the facebook page! AND There is some lucky Sweet Digi Scraps follower that is going to be picked for a $5.00 gift coupon to boot. 

Much love and hugs- catch ya back at 12 :)

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Molly Harbridge said...

Can't wait to see the new store and the new releases!!