Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maintence/Construction warning :)

I just wanted to give a heads up that tonight and tomorrow I will be adding a fresh look and doing some sprucing up of the blogs, website and facebook pages. 
As well as some other things like twitter/pinterest etc..

So if you pop your heads in on any of the Sweet Digi Scraps accounts.....and it looks a jumbled mess :) You know why. 

ALSO- Don't forget to stop by the facebook page to grab up part 2 of Sun Splash!
I am closing up my shoppe at Me So Scrappy this month. May 31st will be my last day there. I have marked down everything in the shoppe $1/$2 until the remainder of the month, so now would be an awesome time to stock up on the things that were on your wish list. (As some of the items will be going away for good)
If you do not see something you were REALLY eye balling, no worries- I have just removed those to get them ready to be re-released in my new shop.
Much Love and Hugs!!

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