Monday, May 28, 2012

A Lil bit of the life

So yea, the 12 midnight posting became a 2:30 posting because I got the oppurtunity to nap this evening and lets just say momma needed it!! Either we go :)

So I have missed a good bit in digi land this year, and just haven't been keeping up much with it. It is bitter sweet, but more sweet than anything actually. 

At the beginning of the year I chose a word- Achieve and have pushed myself to stick by that as much as possible. By doing so I have found so many things about myself and family that I never saw before, and its been amazing to say the least. 

While I haven't exactly achieved all the goals I have set for Sweet Digi Scraps, I have done growth in many different aspects of my life. As far as singing- I am still (and more than ever) doing it. I have pushed myself hard this year in growing in the music aspect, and even took a leap of faith if you will through it. I entered in a couple bigger contests, and tried out for the Voice!!(which I will be updating on how that goes) I won a place in a site sponsored contest over at SingSnap which put me in the top 5 out of 700+ people. For those interested here is a couple of my entries that I submitted to that contest that placed me (I will warn- you will want some tissues) 
Semi-Finals Entry
Finals Entry

As for the family life- I have become "THE BEST MOMMY EVER!" At least in my kids eyes LOL- There are still many things I lack at.....but I have grown a great bond with my children and really have finally got my priorities straight when it comes to my family. Unfortunately I had to do things that were very hard, but found in order to truly achieve the happiness with my family- It needed to be done. So its more focus on doing things with my children to really live life and enjoy them while they are young. Because we all know that it just doesn't seem to last long enough. 

They are getting so big now- The girls recently had their "graduations" and really made mommy proud. Ana brought home a perfect report card and Roxy had done some major improvements to get things back on the right track. I was even tickled pink to see what awards she brought home from her classroom ceremony- "Lucy Lips" and "Math Whiz" - What can I say...she gets the lip honestly from her momma! HAHA

Mr. Dallas is turning out to be quit the little brainiac lately and really getting into learning more and more. Already he is answering the Kindergarten questions and starting to read! Gosh they are growing super fast!

This summer break (So far) has already been chalked full of walks to the duck pond, playground, water balloon fights, chalk drawings, picnics and just all around family fun. I couldn't be happier to be a mommy. 

Alright- enough chatting ( I swear I could write novels LOL) To sum it all up, things are going awesome. Family life couldn't be better and I am just enjoying the company of my children and working towards making life so much better for us in all ways I can.

I will be posting scrap pages spuratically of all the tiny Ana and Stevie's super cute new pixie haircuts, Roxy getting her ears pierced, Bubba's new glasses, My new Pink (Yes PINK) hair :)  and all the fun times we have been having!

ALSO- Don't forget to stop by the facebook page to grab up part 2 of Sun Splash!
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Much Love and Hugs!!
Hope you are staying cool (or warm depending on where you are in the world ;)


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