Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Time to Party!!!

While I am not a big fan of either of the teams in the bowl this year- it is still going to be the highlight to the weekend. Chili's in the crock pot, braid is rising and we are ready to enjoy a great family night around the t.v. watching the game. 

I am actually more excited for the commercials, and I am pretty sure this is the only time of the year that I will actually enjoy watching them LOL. The girls however are anxious to see Madonna and Nikki Minaj during the halftime show. I swear I have heard Super Bass more times that I care to count this last week! 

So like most of the world tonight, The red white and blue will be flashing all over the screen and I have a little something to help you scrap the memories you create tonight. This week's Facebook Fan Exclusive gift: 

And how about a little Super Bowl Game Fun? 
What do you think the total amount of points will be to the Super Bowl Game tonight? 
*Combine what you think both scores will be and post in the comment section- So if  you think The Patriots will score 14 and the Giants 17 your guess would be the total- 31*
to be considered for winning

The person that comes closest to the actual point total of the game will win $10 gift card to my shop!

*Only one guess per person, but there can be multiple people guessing the same number. In the event of a tie- will come into play to be the tie breaker* 

And speaking of winners- This week's Fan of the Week is Sherry Petty!!!
How does one get picked as the FOTW?
Each week the application will go through the posts on the FB page- Each like, comment and post on the wall will count as an entry.
All of the entries are compiled in a list and a random person is chosen.
*In the event it picks a Sweetie or VIP member- they will be given the $5 gift card to pass along to whomever they choose :)
And don't forget today is the last day to grab up Sealed with a Kiss and Sealed with a Kiss Add On at 25% off :)
Much Love and Hugs- See ya tomorrow to announce the Super Bowl Winner!!!


ncokely said...

39 points
Nancy from ACOT

PezKat said...

I'll guess 38!


wahoolady said...

Okay, I had my 12 yr old son help me with this - he thinks Pats 35, Giants 28 so my total is 63. (he did the guess - I did the math!)

Nydia said...

I say 56...

Stacey said...

I'll say 47 - I may be too late!