Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Projects............

are making my days not so Ordinary! If you haven't noticed by now, I am usually one to throw whatever life is handing me into my designs. I think its like stress relief for me, to vent it out in design. So the last couple weeks has been packing, cleaning, remodeling, decorating ............................ I will be SO very glad when its all done and over with- However with new digs, new windows, floors and a freshened up look things are a little more "Feng shui" (hope I spelled that right LOL) 

On top of the house, my two oldest came home with not so wonderful news with their interim reports (Well they were called progress reports in my day- Makes me feel old LMAO) So the computers were over run with school work and studying. Thankfully my oldest got herself back on the right track (just appears to be the teenager angst with school hahaha) Roxy is still struggling. Its her spelling and writing- Much like her father the chicken scratch is atrocious :/ So this week will kick off after school tutoring for her and hopes from this momma that someone else can make it a little more interesting for her- because she has absolutely NO interest in writing nice and neat and would prefer to just rush through it all.

Ana on the other hand brought home all Os and Ss (outstanding and satisfactory) and has actually been bumped a grade for reading time. I have never seen a child so excited about school and homework- But she is. The difference between Roxy and Ana is amazing- But makes me so proud that I have unique children with different passions in life.

Well outside of all that- I did manage a couple new designs that are available now. First up
because I know I can't be the only one doing remodeling, moving etc right now (It is about to hit the spring cleaning spurt ;)
  And here is a fabulous page created by Rylea: 

And then for the Bargain Brews at Me So Scrappy I introduce to you
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And a little inspiration:

and be sure to stop over at Rylea's Blog and catch some great gifts from this weeks releases as well. 
Much Love and hugs! 

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