Sunday, January 8, 2012

What a blast!

No post yesterday because we got in after a birthday party and pretty much all crashed! 
The party was at a rec. hall and I found myself one of the kids. 
First Roxy got me started with fooseball. Off course she had never played and was curious- so I had to teach the fundamentals. *To be honest it had probably been since I was 15 or so since I last played*
There was more comedy than game play as more or less we ended up wacking and poking each other with the poles rather than making goals! LOL
Next it was a game of PIG (another one I hadn't played in a long time)  and then it was teaching pool. Needless to say this started a chain reaction of each child wanting me to teach or play a game with them too. 
I think the one that wore me out the most was don't drop the balloon. I almost thought that game would never end!!! 

I did learn this weekend that I completely and totally suck at ping pong!! I lost- severely to a little pint size tot that scored more points off my face than I could even hit the ball. But I tell ya, want comedy gold? Send 4 little kids to a ping pong table and tell em to have at it. 
I laughed so insanely hard watching them. Poor Stevie couldn't get the concept of letting go of the ball to serve it up, and several times either threw it behind her or smacked herself in the hand with the paddle. 
I know- bad mom shouldn't laugh while your kids hurting themselves- But if you were there you would have too. 

Now we held a drawing this weekend - For a $25 gift card to Kroger (or sister stores) 

Here is the randomized numbered list of entrants: 

And here is the randomized winner: 

So a big congratulations to RAROLE!!!
I will be contacting you at the email address you provided this evening so I can get your mailing address and send this on it's way to you :) 

I actually kind of like doing this sort of giveaway every so often. I mean of course digital scrapbooking gifts are awesome ;) But we are women too and have other loves and passions. 
Hmmmmmmm some food for thought for the upcoming month :) 

AND- if you haven't already seen it:  Me So Scrappy is having it's first ever 

This would also give you access to all my goodies as well :) I can't wait to see who the team will be!
Much Love and hugs -Until tomorrow :)


Rarole said...

This is wonderful! Amazing, actually! Thank you. Very unexpected, and a lovely end to a great weekend! Thanks so much!

HisDarlin Daughter said...

Congratulations to Rarole! I am so happy for your blessing!

Liz, it sounds like you had a lot of fun with your kids...that is priceless and I think all parents laugh in moments such as the ones you described. I hope you get many such times with your kids as you described in your blog tonight!

Justin leon said...

wow, its nice to read about this wonderful party. i always love to see this kind of blogs.
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