Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So I am going to work Magic

Well not exactly, but I am preparing to have a full magic show soon (HOPEFULLY) 
I took a leap of faith yesterday and bought a body wrap that is supposed to help tighten and tone skin- AND last for 2-6 months afterwards. I am going to be honest- i am completely skeptical on this. I have been working out and eating healthy since the beginning of the year and already down 10 lbs which is awesome- and I am not being unrealistic because I TOTALLY don't think I should be looking fabulous yet LMAO

But I have that dreaded mommy skin.  I KNOW you know what I am talking about- the stretched out- never seems to go back in place no matter how many crunches you try doing kind of skin. AND it doesn't help matters any that I am still fat- BUT I am figuring if this stuff works like the pics and testimonials say- Then it will be a jump start and motivator to help me get toned the way I want and need. 

So I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival at my door- and I will be the guinea pig. (Because I am not going to recommend you all waste money on it before knowing first hand it actually works LMAO) So cross fingers that I have an amazing after photo to share (because lord knows the before won't be LOL) And then maybe we will have something CLOSE to magic for us ;) HAHAHA

In designing news- I have a beautiful vintage valentine design coming out tomorrow: 

And we just reached 1,000 "likes" on the FB page- Which means a new gift will be coming VERY soon :) 

This week coming is chalked full of awesome stuff- Including Me So Scrappy's Every Day A Giveaway event! 
On Sunday-January 15th- I will be featured and a chance to win a gift card to my shoppe will be on the blog- So you won't want to miss that!!

Speaking of Giveaways- You won't want to miss this one either: 
My Four Hens is giving away a Canon 5d Mark ii (yea that's a 2,500 camera!!) So be sure to get yourself entered!!! (And note that due to the nature of the giveaway, the site is running a little slower due to traffic)

And finally- since I am in the sharing kind of mood hahaha
There is a new site about to launch - Creative Market - that will be hosting mousemade graphics (If you love Colour Lovers you WON'T want to miss it) They will have brushes, textures, shapes- just about everything you could want to help stamp, embellish, and edit your layouts and photos. 
If you sign up early you get a $5 credit for the opening- AND if you refer people, you get even more : 

 I need to get back to PS and Pandora to finish off my new FB gift for you all :) 
I hope you have a fabulous Hump Day!!!
And I will see you all in the am with some fabulous Creative Inpsiration


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to drink water! It's important for your body and skin too.

Rarole said...

And do we get "before" and "after" pictures!! :) LOL