Sunday, January 15, 2012


WOOHOO! I am feeling fresh, new and ready to ROLL :) I mentioned a couple days ago that I had ordered a wrap to help tighten and tone skin, and shrink down the dreaded baby skin. Well it came yesterday :)

As per the instructions and recommendations- I will wait the full 72 hours from the time of application to do my full after photos and measurements- HOWEVER, being just a little over a day since I applied the wrap, I can tell you this much- IT WORKS! (funny, because that is what the wrap is called- "It Works") Already I have lost a total of 5 inches and my skin is MUCH tighter and smoother! And its painless and only took 45 minutes for the application.

I will post a full review with before and afters later (but I will warn they will not be pretty photos at all- I have 4 kiddos remember? LMAO)

It has been snowy, cold and definitely reminding me that winter is here.  Today while out- Stevie was over enthused to pelt me with Snow. Everytime she would throw a handful (as it isn't completely balling up right now) She would say "Throw" but it came out more like "Shrow"
I don't think I have ever been so happy to be covered in the white stuff- just to hear her say that! LOL

Ana proceeded to eat snow- Which reminded me that snow cream is a most definite in the near future. And Bubba found it so much fun....until the snow got into his gloves. I don't think he is fond of the cold stuff hahaha.

I have a good bit of Sweet Digi News to share with you all.

Firstly- Me So Scrappy has been doing the Everyday a Giveaway this past week- and today it's my turn :) Hurry and head on over to the blog to enter yourself in the drawing for $5 worth of goodies!

Also- I am introducing a fabulous new way to give back to those that support me. I found an awesome new application that randomly chooses a friend from Facebook to be the "Fan of the Week"
So each sunday- it will work it's magic and pick someone to win a $5 gift card to my shop!
So a big congratulations goes out to Michelle for being the very first FOTW!! 

How does it pick the FOTW?
Each week it will go through the posts on the FB page- Each like, comment and post on the wall will count as an entry.
All of the entries are compiled in a list and a random person is chosen.
I have no control over who is picked- It is done completely by the app-
*In the event it picks a Sweetie or VIP member- they will be given the $5 gift card to pass along to whomever they choose :)
I am so very excited to incoporate this with Sweet Digi Scraps- and I hope that you are as well!

In other Facebook News ;)
Introducing a Brand New FB Exclusive
I hope you enjoy and brand new FB exclusive will be coming 1/21/2012! 

I will be back later on with full review and more SDS news- I hope you all had a fabulous weekend
Much Love and Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Yipppeee! What an awesome idea......and how fun and inspiring.

Meg said...

Thank's for the new FB freebie! Good mini kit with Valentines Day coming up!

Crystalnva said...

Very pretty THANK YOU ;~}