Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rain makes for good reading

It has done nothing short of that here lately. Rain rain, and o yes- more rain! It has actually felt more like a spring than winter to be honest- Minus the little bout of snow and ice we had last weekend. The creek nearby is actually at flood stage, and I am hoping like crazy it doesn't reach over the thresh hold.

But all the rainy mucky days have made for some great indoor activity time. Reading being the biggest thing- as I went through my mother's old 'school supply' closet this week. She had dreamed of one day opening her own daycare and tutoring center for preschool and elementary children. She also had a very big shopping habit - and that closet (thank you dad for finally letting me raid it) was chalked FULL of childrens books and crafts and story boards and O MY! 

So we have been reading loads of kids books here- and when the kids are reading (or in Bub and Stevie's case looking) I have snuck away for some reading of my own. I would say my reading challenge is off to a great start this year for sure- Almost 6 books finished this month :) 
*If you are on good reads add me, I would love to be friends and see what everyone else is reading*

I actually can't wait for today- as I am going to be scrapping some of the moments from this week with my new release A Good Read- Its now in the shops and on sale this weekend: 

And this weekend be sure to checkout the Bargain Brews- Tons of fabulous goodies for just $1!! 
I have put a few goodies in there as well: 

So I am off to scrap, I hope that you have a fabulous weekend- And if you need a little something to get your scrap inspiration going, be sure to check out the new Facebook Exclusive gift: 

I will be back tomorrow with a new sneak peek of next week's releases and announce the new FOTW :) 
Much Love and Hugs!

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