Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold Days

I am pretty sure that the battle of the cold vs. feel good game is a never ending battle for me. I have fought 7 battles this past week- Maybe it's been more than that- I have lost count on the tally to be honest. The kids came down with it as some point this past week- 3 going a step beyond with strep and sinus infections. We managed to fight it off early and get them back on the up and up- but as of Sunday my sister is staying at the hospital. I am so ready for spring to come back around! I declare right now- I am going to achieve GOOD health around this week! 

*In the words of Linda- so it's written it shall be done ;)* - hopefully. Lysol I am sure has loved my extra boost to their business hahahaha But yesterday, o MY yesterday was nothing short of a day full of laughs. Best medicine I think we all could have gotten.

It started yesterday morning- when Me, Ana and Stevie. My brother went out to his friends house friday evening- just before the ice storm hit, and was stuck. There was no going out or coming back through it all so guess who got stuck doing his Sunday morning papers? O Yea- this girl ;) The ice had yet to melt and in almost all places people had yet to even attempt clearing their paths- We did after all get about an half/inch thick ice coating everything. 

Either way- There are hills .... on in particular in a rather big parking lot. To which no attempts to clear the ice had been made yet- Well the girls managed to quickly climb up it and reach a grassy landing where they could break the ice and plant their feet for the moment- This momma on the other hand....not so much. I got about half up the hill, and out the feet went....down to the bottom of the hill I went LOL- I tried again and again- and still couldn't manage to get anywhere past the middle. 

So I called Joe- at 7 in the morning to cry for help because here I was stuck.... like a declawed cat in the middle of a frozen uphill climb. His solution- after laughing hysterically at me for about 10 minutes- Crawl. So... I did, and made it, while half a dozen people watched (I am sure laughing hysterically as well) from their windows at me doing the baby walk up the hill. Ana and Stevie had nothing more than laughs to offer either.

The usual hour and a half task took double and from that point forward, it was combo of sliding on our butts to see who could reach the bottom fastest, and climbing like a baby up em to see which girl would laugh the hardest. 

My knees are feeling it today - But it was well worth it for the laughs ;) 

The ice started to melt in the afternoon- when the temp reached 40- YAY! So we went out to Joe's mom's for a visit and let the kiddos play for a bit. Not sure it was the best idea in the world- BUT They had fun, they played and it felt good to get out in the country air for a bit.
Now here's hopping that it doesn't turn out to make them all sick again!

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Much love and hugs- And to good health :)

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