Saturday, January 7, 2012


That is how I feel tonight. It was a full day- but didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed like most days- Thank goodness!
Today I finished taking down the remaining Christmas decorations. Leaving that bare empty feeling- and I didn't help the matters any by starting to pack up the things that weren't of daily use (books, cds, photo albums, dvds etc. ) Now the trick will be to resist the urges to redecorate and add some flair to it all- since moving time is coming up soon. 

I did something the other day- and it has worked out perfectly here. So I figured I might as well share because maybe you too are looking for an easy way to organize your daily tasks and such. 
Either way- I took a plain desk calender (nothing fancy) and started off with "Mom's Code Box" 
M=pack  moving box, V= vaccum, D= dust R= clean bedrooms etc...
And went through on each day for January and assigned accordingly. 
And then added specific family activies to it- Such as game night, reading night, movie night, family outting etc. 
 But the trick I did this time go round (after failed chore charts and fridge notes) was put the calendar right on the front entry way. 
The kids got home from school this week and each day looked right at the calendar to see what chores needed done to get the family reward. And much to my surprise- did them without so much as  coaxing. 
Like a 100 birds with one stone this one- It helps them with reading, responsiblities AND saves me from sounding like a broken record for most of the day. 
I swear sometimes I want to say- Polly wants a dang cracker (peace and quiet and a cold one!)

Here's hoping that this sticks. 

Ana took the topper for the "Kids Say" moment today. Well actually it was evening, but all the same.*And sorry in advance for the bit of bathroom humor that this is about to take*
Stevie had passed gas - (For Stevie, it is full on hilarious each time she does it and she makes sure she lets EVERONE know about it) 
In any regard- poor Ana was sitting next to her, and apparently down wind as well. 
"Mommy where's the oderant? Her butt needs some BAD!"
Where she proceeded to plug her nose and walk away into the other room. 
Ahhhhh deodorant to the bum- I guess that could help make the smell of the wonderful body functions a bit more pleasant.

As for work- I started on my first valentine's collection. Not sure what to call it yet.... hopefully tomorrow will take a huge mojo leap for me and the light bulb will come on. 
But once the feeling was gone for the evening of working- I turned to  finish off my latest book. And moved on to the next- 
Up next
Stephen King

For those that love murder/mystery/thrillers- THIS is one you should read if you haven't already. I am only 30 pages or so into this book and O MY! The chills and gruesome pictures had me on total edge! I can tell already that I am going to absolutely LOVE this book!

O and Don't forget - 
if you want to get in on the $25 grocery gift card drawing, see THIS POST on how to enter. 

I shall be back tomorrow - hopefully with  sneak peek :)
Much Love and Hugs- Until tomorrow :)

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