Saturday, January 14, 2012

13 unlucky?

Well for Friday the 13th- It was pretty darn nice. I guess my run in of bad luck would be when I found out that I forgotten to put the lid back on the crockpot :( BUT- I guess that just means roast for tomorrow LOL. 

Woke up this morning to snow and WIND- O MY THE WIND!! School was delayed this morning, which made for a wonderful loud and eventful morning here :) But it was nice to sit around this morning eating a hot breakfast and enjoying cartoons with each other before having to hurry off to school. Also made outfit time a LOT less stressful. *Ana is my picky "stylish" dresser and it doesn't matter how many outfits we lay out the night before, she manages to find a reason to have to change at least 3 times each morning LOL*

The weekend looks to be a cold wintery one (finally) and hopefully will be one for outside fun :) 

I hope you stay warm- and get ready as this weekend will have loads of gifts and goodies coming your way

New and on sale this weekend: 

And in the store- in case you missed it: 

Also I had time to scrap today - YAY!!
created with Truer than True
created with Just the Two of Us by Sherwood Studio Designs

And this weekend only  for just $1.00

Much Love and hugs!

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