Friday, December 30, 2011

On the 6th day of Christmas...

The morning started off awesome- with tons of birthday reminders from the kiddos. Roxy especially- I think she was more excited for me than I think I ever have been for a birthday. We spent the day playing games, watching movies and ordered Pizza (happy birthday to me- no cooking ;) LMAO) 

Highlights from the day.....well Dallas found his brave man streak and finally climbed to the top of the bunk beds by himself and decided to see how monkey like he could be. 
That put about 10 more years and a hundred grey hairs on my head. 

The cat on chocolate struck again....this time to terrorize my children. Which was extremely humorous and frightening in the same breath.  Dallas had snuck the cat a piece of his choco penguin that he had left from his stocking. Needless to say- every time anyone walked in the house- you had to be on the lookout for the crazed fur ball hiding under the furniture ready to attack. 

Imagine if you will..... Watching a 2 year old just walking across the room like normal and then all of sudden see him JUMP like a mile high and come running to the very top of the chair yelling "LOLLY, MOM, LOLLY"  

Or - Picture sweet little Stevie, peering her head out the crack of the bathroom door yelling for me to come get the cat cuz it is sitting at the foot of the door just waiting for her to come out. 

Poor kitten, poor kiddos- It's just overly playful (and hyped up in today's case)- It usually doesn't give a second thought to bother the kids and instead terrorizes one of the tom cats until they beg to go outside.  And even today- it didn't intentionally hurt anyone (just those playful type scratches of trying to catch something- and always let go the moment a yell was let out)
I think I need to get it a cat post thingy- or something
But I do know one thing-
I would HATE to see this cat on catnip!

We did have some quiet reading time today too- which was awesome. I read some more of my Stephen King book (which I would highly recommend btw- A masterpiece of short stories that I can't put down until I have one of the stories finished- only 2 more to go YAY!) And Izzy started on her book "Monster High" - NOW I understand why there are zombie barbies.....Not that I GET it- but I understand now! LOL
Roxy, Stevie and Ana read a couple Disney books and Bubba found himself lost in a baby animals book.

And now I am looking at midnight with 3 girlies up having a "girl time" I think this is like the 3rd Bratz cartoon they have watched tonight. I look at it this way though- since its so late and they are still up- I MIGHT actually get a day to sleep in! I won't hold my breath though ;)

But the irony of tonight is amazing how it goes hand in hand with tonights gift. So lets get on with it shall we? Tonight is a full kit- so the downloads have been broken down into 2 parts. Make sure you click on both to get the gift in full:

On the 6th day of Christmas
Liz gives to you.....
~*~Click HERE to download part 2~*~
Please note that these links will remain active until Dec 30th @ 11:59 pm EST
After that time, it will be revealed and placed into the shop, and a new gift given.
I hope you enjoy!!
And remember just 2 days left to get your challenge entries in!
  Both of which have amazing Sweet Digi Scraps prizes! Be sure to check em both out for your chance to win!
Thank you all so much for the kind comments, and birthday wishes!! You are all wonderful and I am so glad that you enjoyed the catch up of gifts ;)
Ready for a teaser on some BIG news..... 
Sweet Digi Scraps is about to hang it's hat somewhere fabulous to kick off the new year.....can you guess where?
Much love and hugs- Until tomorrow!


HisDarlin Daughter said...

Thank you for another beautiful kit. What nice gifts you are giving. I am glad you had a nice birthday and I am loving the stories of your little kitten and your kids. Again, thank you!

Raewyn aka whinney said...

Looking forward to hearing where you will be hanging your hat LOL. Happy belated birthday wishes too. Oh and excuse my manners - thank you for sharing these wonderful gifts. =)

Shuckclod said...

Thank you for gift 6... I would like to see you at Scrap Orchard. Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

KandiceD said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your wonderful gifts...we should be giving you gifts...Your generosity is beautiful as you are too!

etherealfire said...

Happy Birthday!!! We celebrated my little sister's birthday last night (December 29th) as well. Thanks so much for the lovely share and I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Dec. 30, 2011. Thanks again.

Meg said...

LOL love your story today. Thanks for the download!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the fun freebies. I used your Reflection kit to make a LO last night. It's on my blog if you want to look at it.

Sounds like your birthday was wonderful, I hope it was just the beginning of a wonderful year.

Daydreamer said...

thank you

Cosmictadpole said...

Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Today's gift is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Cosmictadpole said...

Oh, and I almost forgot: Happy birthday, and congratulations on being a year younger than you thought!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for another wonderful gift kit and more "kitty antics"!!

Also, took advantage of the fabulous coupon you shared a few days back - found some great buys in your store yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for more gifts and I am glad you had a good day! It is wet and grey in our part of the UK today so we curled up and played all our new Christmas albums and then bought more with our itunes vouchers - great day !!

libbywilko said...

Thank you for Day 6 and I hope you continue have some lovely days. Happy New Year !

benelol said...

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!