Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the 4th day of Christmas....

The world has been super kind to me. 
So how was everyone's Christmas? Hopefully wonderful and full of laughs, smiles and good food! I am pretty sure I have packed on a million pounds since last post- the turkey....cookies.....candies- SOMEONE STOP ME!

I do exaggerate a slight bit on the amount I have ate- but I feel like every time I come into the kitchen I am finding something else leftover to snack on. The turkey for Christmas was absolutely delish!! I was proud of thanksgiving, but THIS turkey was so mouthwatering good that I seriously shed a tear of joy! *I should mention that before this year I had absolutely NO luck of getting a juicy turkey and usually found myself grabbing a drink after every bite of turkey just to wash it down and get SOMETHING moist in there! 

This year however was like a dinner made in heaven- Now to remember all the stuff I did so I can replicate it next year.

Christmas morning found absolute amazement on all the kiddos faces. Around 3:30 in the morning Roxy woke while I was finishing up the wrapping and stocking stuffing- I froze - dead in my tracks hoping she was just sleep walking. I stood watching her sleepy stagger until she reached the tree- the look of OMG!!! appeared on her face and she froze- dead in her tracks- jaw on the floor just STARING. 
Once I realized she wasn't moving for a minute, I hurried a blanket over the stuff I was working on, and said "Roxy.....honey....are you okay?" I mean my kid had just stood there for like 5 minutes staring like she was in total shock. I am not even sure she blinked- 

"Mommy!! - Santa came!! - See we must have been good cuz LOOK!" 

So the rest of the night was chatting it up with Roxy until everyone else woke up. Everyone was over joyed with their gifts, and we actually managed a fight free and awesome morning. *Crazy how Christmas works that way*

Either way- then it was up to dad's for dinner, gifts etc. Spent the rest of the day there and had a blast. It was after the drive around to see lights that I came home to my not-so-wonderful Christmas present. 

Apparently kittens are as bad as dogs when it comes to Chocolate. I never thought to grab up the stockings full of candy treats and such before going up to dad's that morning. I mean seriously- what cat is going to go on a candy binge.... I have never known  a cat to like it.
Needless to say "Lolly" LOVES it.
I opened the door to see stuff knocked over everywhere....WTH?!?
Then out of the blue this bullet of fur dashes out from under the couch and just starts attacking my feet!!!
Then off it darts through the room, then back, then over again....and again...and again...

You know those crazy burst of energy moments that dogs/cats sometimes go through where they just take off darting around the house..... Yea- well imagine a kitten doing this....but like he drank a couple 5 hour drinks on top of it all.

Needless to say thanks to my fluffball "Lolly" I was offline for a couple days  (actual full name is Who-da-lolly like that song in Disney's Robin Hood cartoon- Don't ask I haven't a darned clue LOL)  She managed to crack my monitor, and spill a pop Joe had left on the end table on my laptop. Got a new screen- just need to get the laptop fixed now. Although thankfully this time (o yes I ruined one before this way - only that time it was MY fault LMAO) but it still works and turns on- just no keyboard :( O well..... to the shop it goes and lesson learned....... Cats DO love chocolate and become worse than kids when it's ingested! 

So either way- since my scheduling didn't work- Still haven't a clue why- I am putting it all together and opened. That way you can see BEFORE hitting download if you want the gift or not. 
Day 25 of the Advent, and The 1st and 2nd days of Christmas are here- and I will put the 3rd and 4th days of Christmas on my Facebook page (that way its easier) And all of them will remain active until the 6th day of Christmas post.

Alright here we go: 

Day 25 of the Advent: 
~*~sorry this gift has been given~*~

1st Day of Christmas:
~*~sorry this gift has been given~*~

2nd Day of Christmas:
~*~Click to Enlarge then Right Click and Save~*~

Please note that these links will remain active until Dec 29th @ 11:59 pm EST
After that time, it will be revealed and placed into the shop, and a new gift given.
I hope you enjoy!!
And for those that missed what was given for day 23 and 24- here is what was hiding inside: 

Be sure to check out my Challenge where you could win EVERY design that I have available- PLUS all the ones I will create in the upcoming year!!
I will be back later this evening (at midnight EST) to post more about our Christmas happenings- bring the gift for the 5th day of Christmas, and announce some awesome news :) 
-Much Love and Hugs- 


Nikki O said...

thank you so much for all the gifts and for sharing your cat-on-chocolate story -- made me crack up! :)

Shuckclod said...

Glad your still alive... Sounds like Santa almost got busted! Glad you had a wonderful time... Sorry about the Kitty troubles, but is sounds a little fishy (ghosty)... Thank you for the 2 gifts here.

benelol said...

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely blog gifts!
I don't have access to Facebook so I will have to miss gifts 3 & 4 you posted on that site.

I enjoyed reading your "kitty" escapade!

etherealfire said...

Thanks so much and wishing you and yours a very Happy 2012!!!

Monkey Toes Too said...

THANK you for all the goodies!

Veronica Ahn said...

Glad your still alive... Sounds like Santa almost got busted! Glad you had a wonderful time... Sorry about the Kitty troubles, but is sounds a little fishy (ghosty)... Thank you for the 2 gifts here.